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  1. Ok about two years ago I started getting bad acne (Im 20 now). Having no previous experience of acne all my life I was wondering what caused this. My family has no history of acne, especially my older sister (22) and younger brother (14) never suffered with the disease ever. Anyways Ive been experimenting with different things to see what cause my acne and what I should or should not avoid. I tried avoiding certain foods, avoiding the sun, sodium intake, stress, and masturbation. I singled out m
  2. I never heard of proteins causing acne. But there are high protein weight gainers with hi sugar and iodine. Whey protein powders with low carbs, sugars shouldnt cause problems.
  3. Beware of protein bars with vitamins because most likely they'll contain iodine in them. I would also suggest whey protein over soy. I took creatine before and I got bad acne, but not too sure if it was a coincidence. But I work out taking only two shakes a day and a powerbar and I feel and look great. Creatine makes you look at puffy and when you get off it be you drop alot of the water weight anyway.
  4. You shouldnt need to wash for your face again unless you got all sweaty and dirty. And yes washing your face does remove the BP.
  5. Well the thing is too avoid high fat, high sugar, and high sodium foods. I tried to avoid them to be healthy anyways. But everyone is different. I recommend to at least avoid high sodium foods because they have IODINE, which is a proven acne aggravater.
  6. Masturbation definately causes me acne. If I do it in consecutive days I breakout a day or two later. It is the only thing that causes me to break out. I dont why some people are trying to convince that masturbation doesnt cause it. Like it has been said before, everyone is different.
  7. Masturbation causes acne for me. I tested this a million times and its true for me.
  8. Whats the best way to spot treat a pimple? I have a fairly good sized one on my cheek but I dont feel like gooing BP all over my face. I dont really get too many pimples anymore so I feel no need for the regimen. Any good spot treating suggestions?
  9. I have really dry skin right now and Im currently only washing my face once a day and sometimes every other day. I use Neutrogena Moisture but I feel like it's too thin because my face still feels dry after I apply it. Can anyone help my situation?
  10. I have been suffering from minor acne for some time now. It was always 2-4 pimple problem and when I healed there were 2-4 waiting to sprout. Everytime I was out all I thought about was if anyone was looking at my face and I hated it because I couldnt enjoy myself. I would look at the mirror about 10 times a day, it was ridiculous. I made a conscious effort to stop looking in the mirror so I wouldnt be sure if my acne was there or now. I did this for about a week and I was seriously ama
  11. No I hardly ever wear hats. I use Finesse Shampoo plus Conditioner. Is there any shampoo good for acne? Because Ive heard of shampoo products being a problem.
  12. I started to get little bumps on my forehead not too long ago and I never had it before. Its really minor right now but I still want to eliminate the problem before it gets worse. Would the regimen do the trick or should I look upon another source?
  13. When my pimples start to die down they turned into brown marks. But when my zits turn into brown marks that are slightly raised should I treat it with BP or use Mandelic Acid and assume its a scar? They thing is that my scars are never usually raised so Im guessing it's a half pimple and half scar. What should I Do?
  14. Okay quick question, people say that Mandelic Acid help acne but other people say the algae in Mandelic Acid is an acne irritant. So does MA help acne or make it worse? Because once you stop the acne you stop the scars.