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  1. i use it. i mentioned it on here before. it is amazing stuff. i basically drifted away from the regimen. it worked wonders for me. i stopped using the bp gel for a little while now and have still have been clear. i also switched from the purpose bar to this gel cleanser from Basis. it is amazing stuff.
  2. Thank you thank you thank you... I've been on the Regimen since May 1st. I have been clear for months (thanks Dan), but still get the occasional drying/flaking and have those pesky red marks. I gave in and just started using your exfoliation method this past Monday. I bought the Oral B brush. All I can say is WOW. My red marks (no lie) are pretty much nonexistent and my face is incredibly smooth. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome method. This in combo with the Regimen is amazing
  3. dude, here's the thing...... this stuff contains AHA yes, but i swear it doesn't seem like it. it does not sting one bit, it goes on lovely. without all that oily mess! and i don't get flakey or anything. this stuff is amazing. worth a try and it comes in a gigantic bottle www.kissmyface.com
  4. i've been using this stuff....... i attached a pic hopefully it comes up. IT IS AWESOME, that's all i have to say. ALPHA ALOE OIL FREE FRAGRANCE FREE MOISTURIZER 5% alpha Hydroxy Acids have been blended with pure Aloe Vera Gel and other natural ingredients to create a soothing, absorbing, oil-free moisturizer. For daily use on the face and body. Our Alpha Aloe Oil Free Fragrance Free Moisturizer improves even severely dry skin. This powerful moisturizer helps unblock and cleanse pores, speeds
  5. Hey all, I've been clear for a while from the regimen, so I decided to cut down to doing it only once a day. I've been applying the BP gel only at night. (in the morning I just wash with Purpose bar and apply moisturizer 15 minutes after) I've only been doing it like this for a week, but so far it's been going good! My skin is far less dry. I will keep you all updated, hopefully the results will stay the same. Jenny
  6. Hey dudes, I've been clear for over a month thanks to the Regimen. I just have a few light red marks that I driving me nuts. I'm thinking about stopping the Regimen, but I'm scared. What do ya's think?
  7. don't know if this will help.. but i apply bp to my forehead and nose first. then i do the rest of my face at once. it's been working awesomely.