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  1. aloe vera is great for red marks try retin a for for your shallow scars
  2. why you on this forum then if you have no scars??? its like going to cocaine anonymous without ever taking it
  3. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/LOREAL-MEN-EXPERT-SK...1QQcmdZViewItem been using it a while now and seeing decent results. it says use twice a week but i've been using it everyday (moisturising as well)and it seems to be working. i do only have shallow scarring and only in certain areas but it seems to be doing something. gonna get some retin a from my doc soon as well so hopefully a combination of:- retin a face renovator moisturising should benefit my soon. don't want to have surgery and procedures
  4. would love to help but you support a rubbish football team o'neils claret and blue army, o'neils claret and blue army
  5. please go out and live your life i can't believe your on a acne scar message board with skin like that hundreds and hundreds would die to have your skin. your being a bit selfish and really pretencious
  6. had some spare pills left over from my last course. been on a low dose 10mg course now for 6 weeks now as i have had some acne come back. what do you recommend the course length to be for 10mg? i weigh about 60mg and have light acne thanks guys
  7. in england we have a product called E45. its a moisturiser for dry skin conditions. its cheap and does the job....... realy well
  8. please don't stop, your 2 months in. you've done all the hard work. your hair shouls grow back post accutane, but allow 3 months for this
  9. accutane courses run from 3-6 months depending on various factors such as age severity weight type of acne
  10. i don't condone buying it off the internet but desperate times call for desperate measures. And so i decided to buy it off the net. my acne was starting to scar a little so i thought why wait for 5 months to be told i needed something i knew i already needed. cost quite a bit of money but i DON'T regret it because it has cleared me up. i was close to suicide cause i just couldn't take it anymore, and i think if i would have waited for 5 months i wouldn't have been here today. if you've got t
  11. unlickily my mom is diabetic, but i was able to use her needles to help with some icepick scars around my hairline. did it for the first time yesterday. can already see a big improvement but i presume thats just the swelling. got little tiny scabs aswell. my scars are only minor and in one area (side of eyebrow area) but just wanted to see how successful people have been with this technique so, has needling worked for you? how much improvement and how long have you been doing it thanks guys
  12. mate i was like you but you've got to stick with it. i'll be the first to admit i am very shallow and my hair is very important to me. i started losing it after a month, but carried on for the full course ( 4 months). it carried on falling out till about 3 months later. now exactly a year on i have a full head of hair and clear skin stick with it buddy. good time are only around the corner. get rid of it before it starts to scar.
  13. how do you go about gettin an appointment with Dr Chu at hammersmith hospital??? i live just outside birmingham thanks
  14. hello i was in the same boat as you about 8 months ago nothing worked so i went on the tane around august my hair started falling out. And i really love my hair and take pride in it (i'm male) stopped my accutane 2 months early because of hair loss, but 16 weeks on tane did the job and my skin is much better now. its been 4 months and its just stopped falling out there is nothing you can do. the only thing you can do is stop the treatment, but you've already done that it's a process cal