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  1. Hi Could you please tell me where you bought your 1.5 mm dermaroller for home use? Thanks
  2. Can you please tell me where you can buy a Dermaroller that's 1.5 mm to use at home?
  3. Hey, I had TCAx and Subx by Dr R several years ago on about 100 small ice pick scars and rolling scars and a few box car scars. I got about 75% - 85% improvement. This treatment was developed by a Korean DR for those with some pigment in there skin so don't be too concerned about it. You may have some redness, like I did, for quite some time. You need to lather on the sun block 60, wear a big hat and stay out of the sun and it will go away. If anyone was going to have permanent redness it was go
  4. I still have some redness from it and even after vbeam treatement. It has faded over time so I'm hopeful eventually it will go away.
  5. Have a professional do tca cross for you.