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  1. So i went to the Derm again and she was little hesitant to give me accutane. she didnt know if it was bad enough. I dont really have bad acne but its just stubborn. ive tried everything from topicals to antibiotics. i have had really good results from dans bp in the morning and retin a micro at night. I just have stubborn breakouts on my chest and a couple papules on my face. So i got accutane, 40 mg twice a day, and have been on it for about a week now. Im still using retin a Micro at night and a little bit of Bp in the morning and moisturizing of course. I see everyone says not to use anything on my face while on accutane but im still getting good results from my regimen.

    Should i stay on my regimen? im not experiencing any abnormal dryness!

  2. Ok ive been on the regimen for about 2 months and have gotten great results! only a pimple here and there ever once in a while! but my red marks are still showing but are fading! I switched the regimen up a little bit becasue i will be going to boot camp here in 2 weeks! we arent allowed to bring acne products but bars of soap are allowed!

    So i went out and bought the Panoxyl bar with 5% BP! i started using it so i can get used to it! i didnt break out at all but my red marks are showing alot more! is this a sign that 5 % is too much? or will my face get used to it and calm down after a while? sad.gif

  3. why shouldnt i use 10 % bar? since my acne is all gone, do you think it will come back if i use it?

    Because I think 10% is just WAY too much BP (too harsh) and will just irritate the skin and cause more trouble. The regimen is only 2.5% and going from 2.5% to 10% may fry your skin. Key word is may. You are more than wecome to try it just be careful. I would hate to see someone who has gotten clear on the regimen, change it up and have trouble. Good luck with whatever you do.

  4. IM not going to Iraq! thast why i joined the NAvy! fuck going over there! but yeah im going to boot camp in less then a month so im trying to prepare myself for it! why do you say i have guts for going to boot camp? its a normal thing right? anyways, im clear of pimples from the BP Gel, i just need to fade the red marks! oh yeah to answer your question, im 20 years old! i hope the panoxyle bar will do the trick, since thats all i got!

  5. ok im looking for a bar with bp in it! i saw that panoxly has a ba! i dunno which one i should use!

    Im already clear from dans regimen, i just need to maintain and fade the rest of my red marks!

    I would stay with the regimen but im off to boot camp and they do not allow acne products, so i have to sneak in this bar to use(pretending im goin to use this as a body wash)shhhh!

    any replys would be appreciated!

  6. Ive been on the regimen for about 2 months now and is clear and my red marks are fading! do you think if i switch to using panoxyl bar 5% and moisturize, will it still be as effective?

    FYI, im only thinkin about this because i am going to boot camp and they will not allow acne products only soap bars!

  7. Ok thank you for that useful information! i think i will go out and buy it today and get a head start on it before i go in! so this is what ill have to do: wash with panoxyl bar, then moisterize?

    do you think this will work well since im already used to Bp?

  8. Yeah they will not allow acne products unless it is prescribed! sucks too because this regimen has really worked for me! i guess i can undure it for 8 weeks! any suggestions on a non drying facial bar i can use while im in! its my only hope! cry.gif And do you think it will come back really hard?

  9. Ive been using the basis facial bar for about 2 months now! ive been thinkin bout trying somthin else because when i wash my face, it feels tight afterwards! but then i put bp gel and moisturiser, and im good to go! i was just wondering if it was normal for your face to feel tight after washing it or should i try somthing else?

  10. Ive been on the regimen for about 2 months and have had a successful experience. i dont have any more pimples and my red marks are fading. In about a month i am going to boot camp for the Navy! they will not let me bring any acne products but will allow me to bring 2 bars of soap!

    I was wondering if i bring my face soap(basis), will i still break out even if i will not be able to use BP? i know that BP gel is the most important part of the regimen, but will my pimples come back even if i properly wash my face daily?

    Im looking foward to starting a new chapter in my life but im not looking foward to starting the regimen all over after!