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  1. thanks for quick reply! I've been on it for 6 months. I derm wanted me to continue but i told i wanted to quit b/c I feel very tired on the medicine. I asked her for low dose, but she said there's no point coming from high to low dose, so she let me quit and gave me Retin-A to maintain.
  2. I supposed finish Accutane after today, but i still have several pimples on my face, anyone who done taking Accutane b4 experienced this problem. I do i have to do to get rid all the pimple and to maintain? My derm gave me Retin-A which i hated and I think i am gonna use it, I'll try Dan's regimen. Is this good idea?
  3. Im about to finish accutane in a weeks, i wonder if it good idea to do a liver flush. Accutane didn't really clear me up, I think my acne have to do more with my liver. I wanted try this, how long should i wait after accutane? Any suggestions would be appreciated
  4. Almost finish 6 months and still get zits.......two huge one on the chin where it been clear for a while. Doesn't it working for me??
  5. Hi all, I finished 5th month of Accutane and went to derm today, I am prescribed for 100mg for next month. If including the 6th month, I will have the total of: 3 months at 60 = 4800 mg 1 month at 40 = 1200 mg 1 month at 80 = 2400 mg + this month = 3000 mg so I'll have total of 11400 mg. And based on what I have heard, we need 125 mg for every kg of body weight. I weight 68 kg, so I only need 8500 mg. The problem is when I ask my derm "WIll this be my last month?". She answered "no", s
  6. My face currently has no active pimples, but alot of remarks. Anyone else has same condition as mine, how long are these redmarks gonna clear? Thanks in advance
  7. Finished 4th month at 60mg first two and 40 next two. I was clear for a while but I had about 6-7 huge pimples in three days. Is this normal or it's just me?
  8. plzzz..any 1, please response. I wanted to to try this as soon as possible.
  9. I am on Accutane, 4th month and no active pimple now. I wanted to get rid of my redmarks now, could i use the mask now or wait til I finish Accutane? Thanks,
  10. Hi, For the people who have done with accutane, i have some questions: 1. Does your skin become normal like before. I am talking about the redness and sensitivity. How long it gonna for it to become normal? 2. What you wish you could have done or regret about what you did while you were on accutane?
  11. Hey everyone, Please go to Rite Aid and get yourself this thing call: "Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque", it really works for my red marks while also control my breakouts. I have been using it for 2 weeks and my red marks are fading fast. It's only cost $3 something and its works wonder, beside it's also natural. It's really worth a try.
  12. Is there an expiration date on Accutane prescription?
  13. I know it's frustrating, man. I also got my blood result today and my derm told me to stop tane for 2 weeks b/c ast number is high. I've started for 2 months, and my acne is improving, now I have to stop. It let me hanging, don't know what to do now. Hopefully, my next result gonna be good or I can ask my derm to lower the dosage.
  14. As you know, I am on fifth week of Accutane taking 60mg a day. So far I haven't had any side effect yet, just little dry lip but good thing is I only have to apply lip moisturizer after I eat. But I have very bad break out now. I wonder if I will experience serious side effect down the road, so is there any one taking Accutane more than 3 months and don't have serious side effect? What's your dosage. Thanks