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  1. i may consider this only thing i never mess with anything with a fragrance cuz i have sensitive skin. I have used stuff before with a frag. but im just to afraid regular use might irritate my skin. BUt i am interested cuz u said it cleared up some of ur oilyness. I know gel cleaners are great for oily skin. But all the gel cleaners i have tried just made my face red and irritated. What type of skin do u have?
  2. supose to reduce redness and even out skin tone. Looks good but a little pricey, but who cares if it works. Has anyone tried it??? Looking for feedback before i do, thanks
  3. i saw advertised on tv some kind of lotion type stuff u put on zits after they have been popped or whatever. It helps clear up the redness and scaring returning it back to the natural skin color. Does anyone know if this product???
  4. i wash once a day only. I tryed this out a couple weeks back, started just washing my face with regular dove frag. free for sensitive skin soap. I just wash it at night when i shower. Wake up in the morning and since my face is still feeling kinda clean i just rinse it with water during my morning shower. I notice it helps a little bit but i still do get oily towards the end of the day.
  5. well i was washing like 2-3 times a day. in the past year or so i cut it down to twice a day. Just recently i cut it to once a day. I wash with dove before bed, then in the shower in the morning i just rinse with water. I figure since my face is still kinda clean and it doesnt get oily throughout the night i can just rinse with water for less irritation.
  6. i wash with warm water then at the end turn it to cold to close up the poors. Do alot of you do this??? Im curious because my Tzone is very dry all the time which is causing it to become oily i believe. Ive switched facial cleansers and still the same shit. Im wondering if closing the poors with cold water at the end of washing my face is contributing to drying out my face.
  7. i got the new dove bar soap that is fragrence free and hypoallergenic, also derm. recomended for sensitive skin. I notticed it has evened out my skin tone a bit. It still dries out my Tzone but not as much as everything else did. I still get the occasional zit here and there just like i did with other cleansers. I would recomend this product.
  8. NO NO NO!!!! I think you have it all wrong. The product line is called Alpha Hydrox manufactured by Neoteric Cosmetics. Im not talking (AHA). This Alpha Hydrox is a product line like Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, etc.
  9. i was at Harmon Cosmetics yesterday and saw this Alpha Hydrox product line. It had a nice facial cleanser of all the good stuff we like. No frag., oil and alcohol free, and non comedogenic. I never herd of this stuff before so i decided to try it. I only washed with it twice and its ok, still a little drying like all cleaners i have used. i think i might start using moisturizing lotion during the day, we'll see. But wondering if anyone has feedback on this stuff.
  10. whata u use just regualr dove bar soap? i was thinking about the dove sen. skin foaming wash to
  11. how long have u been using it?? Do you like the results? I have very sensitive skin
  12. if your using those soaps and they are working for you then dont give them up. I use to use dove alot which is suppose to be recomended by the Derm. It has tonsof shit in it such as a fragrence. But for some reason that soap never irritated my skin. Im even thinking about trying dove out again cuz its been many years since i used it. I have oily skin and i find Cetaphil just leaves a little residue behind no matter what people on here say about it. Im also tempted to try that purpose stuff. B
  13. just the regular gentle cleanser oh and i use Neut. sensitive skin moisturizer. Its has all the good stuff a person with my skin type could want. I just find it leaves a bit of a residue. But maybe ill try using a little less during the day and see how that turns out. I think Spectro gel has a fragrence if i remember correctly. I did look into that once but didnt buy it for some reason.