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  1. Tomorrow's my birthday! Well, technically in 40 minutes it will be my birthday. Of course to celebrate my 18th year of existence I'm going to go get my 1st piercing. I think I'm gonna go with the navel ring, just to start out and then go on from there. My boyfriend wants to pay for it so he can say he actually got me something. But he always pays for everything and gets really anal if I pay. I don't get that. He's either gonna get another piercing or tattoo. He hasn't made up his mind yet
  2. Sorry I haven't written in a while. I've really been stressed over school. Going to highschool and college isn't as easy as you would think. Especially when one of your highschool teachers is also your boyfriends father. Anyway either I'm becoming a unicorn or I'm getting a big zit in the middle of my forehead. Other than that everything is fine. Thanks k3v for suggeting that I use less differin to help with the peeling. That's a lil common sense I didn't think of. The no dairy
  3. Saturday, this makes day 6. I'm zit free for the first time ever I believe. I'm left with some nasty scars and redmarks on my cheeks though. My nose is still peeling too. Other than that I'm doing very well I believe, I'd love to have some milk and ice cream right now.
  4. Today's Friday. This means another weekend filled with homework and extra curriculars. So far I have no breakouts. My face feels really soft but when you look at it you can tell its peeling. I've started using Purpose Soap and Moisturizer. The soap is actually better than I thought it would be. I really like it. The redness from past breakouts is fading. All in all I believe things are going very well.
  5. Ok so its Thursday. I was going to try to write everyday but I got to 2 schools everyday and its kinda hard to do anything other than homework. This is how things have gone so far: Monday: I went to the derm and got Differin and Minocyline. At the time I had 1 zit. Tuesday: When I woke up I had three small white heads. After I got out of the shower they were gone. I guess the steam from the shower helped the stuff ooz out? Whatever they're gone I do know that. Wednesday: My nos
  6. I'm basically writing this to record my progress. If you are interested in it feel free to read it and comment. And please ignore my spelling errors. A little background on me. I'm 17 and I've had acne really ever since I can remember. Maybe it started when I was about 11 or 12, and has gotten worse in the past year. I've tried nearly all over the counter medicines. Proactive helped a little, but then for some odd reason the bp made me break out more. I've currently been using L'oreal Cl
  7. I went to the derm today and he prescribed me the same thing. The only difference is I take 100mg of mino once a day. He also told me to lay off all dairy products to see if that has any affect on me. How has your progress been so far? I'm not sure what to expect at all and just curious.
  8. I have a really question about using birth control to treat acne. If the dermotologists or regular doctor perscribes birth control for acne do they do any other type of examination on you. (Hopefully most females know what I'm talking about.) I'm just curious about it. I'm going to the derm tomorrow and I really didn't want to ask him that. I was just wondering if i could get the pill to help treat my acne, that's all I really need it for. I'm 17, and I really don't plan on needing actual
  9. I've used it. I have combo skin, oily in some places dry in others. It didn't affect my acne any and it wasn't oily at all. I really liked it.
  10. I use Covergirl Fresh Look Foundation and Powder. I can't really say its made my acne better or worse. I love the stuff. The only problem is I started using Neutrogena Oil Free Acne wash. I loved the stuff because it stopped my breakouts. The only problem is it made my face feel and look like sandpaper, at least it wasn't really oily. Anyway because of my dry skin the Fresh Look Foundation doesn't work that well. Its not made for people with dry skin, but its a great help for oily skin.
  11. I haven't used mineral make-up, however I have heard its really good. Its not anything like Clinique or other brands like that. Its really just powder make-up that is make from minerals. Its suppose to better for your skin. I wanna try it but I'm still not sure about it. Try this link though, it might help more and it can explain the stuff better than I can. http://www.baremakeup.com/ Hope this helps!
  12. I'm not sure if you do or not so if I'm wrong I'm sorry. Anyway, when you use the cleanser don't rub your face really hard, be very gentle, and only use a little bit of the toner and lotion. I use Proactive and one night I was in a hurry and I scrubbed my face harder than usual and used a lot of toner and a lot of lotion. After that I noticed that in some parts my face was really oily and in others I was really dry. If you're gentle and don't use a lot of the product then you shouldn't have
  13. I started Proactive last week (7/12). It has helped me sooooo much. I have acne as far back as I can remember. (I'm only 17 so its not THAT far.) The only thing about it that I have a problem with is that I still have redness from previous breakouts that I've had, but hopefully with time it will fade. Just follow the instructions, be gentle, use a little because it goes a long way, and think positive! Good Luck S!
  14. I gave up on Dermafina, it did absolutely nothing for me, and I've been on Proactive for about 2 weeks now. I just don't think Dermafina was strong enough for me. However, Proactive has almost cleared me up. I still have 3 or 4 pimples, but its an amazing improvement. Dermafina may work for you who know.
  15. I started using Proactive last Saturday (7/12) and I've noticed now that I don't have anymore pimples. I'm just left with alot of red marks, and my cheeks overall are a lovely shade of red. Its a nice color....just not for my face. I was thinking about using aloe-vera to try to get rid of the redness. I'm just not sure how to work that in with the Proactive. I would be very grateful if anyone had suggestions. Many many thanks. S!