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  1. Aura/Lyra combo laser gets rid of redness. I used it about a year or more ago. If you are not getting anymore acne it's the way to go. Expensive though.
  2. Isn't lactic acid found in cow's milk? I thought I read that somewhere. Anyone know. Where do you guys get your lactic acid peels? Thank you.
  3. Been using this for little under a month and for the first two weeks didn't really get any peeling from it which I wanted. Then I increased the amount I put on it like Sgt Pepper has done and boom my skin drys out like crazy. It's no big deal though. I have been exfoliating and putting on moisturizer and my skin looks way better than when I started out. This stuff is the best acid that I have used. My skin is dried out now, but I wonder if it has something to do with the weather as well sin
  4. Yeah, I agree when I don't use too much product my skin looks best. Usually in the morning. I only use warm water to clean my face. Then at night before I go to bed I use a face wash. So my skin looks good to me throughout the day with just sunblock.
  5. Been using Mandelic Acid for the past month for redmarks and it's probably the best thing I have ever used. My redmarks have faded considerably. However, it does dry you out considerably, you would need to moisturize and have a good exfoliator unless you like dry dead skin all over! I have oily skin to begin with so having dry skin is a new thing.
  6. Bentonite clay is also in Queen Julep Mask. I have used the aztec before. it's probably better because all it is is the clay. I however can't used the cider with it , it's too irritating to my skin.
  7. Day 3 for me. I am impressed by it so far. I guess it's too early to say if it's working, but this morning I was washing my face and the redmarks are fading quickly. Hardly noticeable to me and I am my worse critic. Thanks you guys for bringing this one up. How long would you guys say an 4oz lasts? Has anyone used it on other parts of their body with marks with success? I have a small brown mark on my arm that I don't like. Just curious.
  8. Congratulations. Once I got past my second week, it got easier and easier. It's the best thing you could of done for yourself.
  9. Dr. Christine Lee in Walnut Creek. She is the best of the best. She specializes in lasers too. I don't know her number off hand, but you can get it easily through 411.
  10. I asked for a trial size and emails were quick and friendly. I haven't recieved it yet, but am excited about trying this after reading what you guys have said. She asked me if I wanted one with or without Vitamin C. I don't use CP serum is that the only reason for this? I wonder if it would be better with or without Vitamin C if don't use CP serum. What do you guys think? :-k
  11. Proactiv can help redmarks gradually because it has glycolic acid in its toner. But then again, you could get that in other toners too and for way cheaper. Anything that exfoliates your skin will gradually improve redmarks. The trick is finding something that isn't harsh on your skin in the process.
  12. I used to smoke too but it didn't make sense to me to be trying to cleanse and smoking at the same time. Seemed kind of counterproductive.