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  1. Ah yes, Accutane is wonderful but I finished my course a year ago so these spontaneous breakouts are not cool! Hopefully I'm overreacting and I will wake up tomorrow and this will all have been a bad dream A new post?
  2. My monthly is scheduled to come tomorrow and I'm breaking out like CRAZY. WHAT IS GOING ON!! I feel like crying My face hurts.
  3. More Than 1 Year Post-Tane... AND I'm breaking out again My results with accutane have been simply amazing but ever since I started this new job... the stress/monthly combo has been taking a toll on my skin. It's especially frustrating because there's nothing I can do to help my poor skin where stress is concerned... unless I quit my job (hopefully that will be soon- I've been hunting). The stress I'm experiencing cannot be healthy, but that's another sob story for another day. I've been f
  4. WELL HEY THERE STRANGER!!! How's it going? So glad to hear that Accutane worked out well for ya! I HEAR YOU!! I'm over a year post-tane and while my results have been impressive and long lasting... the combination of stress and my monthly is causing me to break out again It's nothing worth complaining about but it doesn't make it any less frustrating with what I put myself through to free myself from feeling this way. I'm so sad. I'm currently sporting a massive one on the chin and some ti
  5. Hii Congrats on your great results so far, hang in there... It's not an easy road but you have so many people on this site that are going through or have gone through the same thing. We can offer you advice and support or listen if you just need to vent! Lotion- I used Nivea for Extra Dry Skin with Almond Oil (http://www.en.nivea.ca/products/body-care/Extra-Nourishing-Milk-very-dry-skin) it worked REALLY well for me, maybe give it a go! It's body lotion, I used it everywhere including my fac
  6. HAHA loved this! This response was totally delayed, I know!
  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!! Hope 2011 has wonderful, beautiful, clear skin and confidence in store for us all! Have you guys heard about this lawsuit against Accutane? http://accutane.gregmonforton.com/ Should I be concerned?
  8. My scarring was mostly redness, I didn't experience any pitted scarring. But I certainly hope it clears up for you! Have you asked your derm if there's anything he/she could recommend?
  9. Haha I was sooo not okay with finishing that early. My derm was a douche and I better not relapse because of her douche-ness!! So far, so good though. I remember the IB *shudder* Thank god that's all a distant memory now huh? Enjoy your clear skin
  10. Hey there! Congrats on starting your course! I'm about 5 months post-tane now and things are fantastic. My hair is still noticeably thinner than before but it's definitely grown back more now that I'm not on Accutane. It's not a big deal anyways... it was WELL worth the trade. My scarring has pretty much completely faded, which is amazing because it was just HORRIBLE. There's still a little but it's nothing noticeable- only I know it's there and I'm sure some topicals can handle it. I'
  11. Ummm your skin looks kind of AWESOME!!!!!! You certainly came a long way, congrats on your beautiful glowing skin and congrats for hanging in there. Accutane is not exactly easy but seeing inspiring stories like this one are what make it all worth while. Haven't been on here in AGES and it seems like everyone's finishing up their Tane Courses. So happy for everyone! You look fantastic, enjoy your new skin and new confidence. So happy for you
  12. Hey there stranger! It's been a crazy long time! Hope you're keeping well... hope your skin is keeping well. My skin is FAB!! Don't wear make-up any more and I actually get COMPLIMENTS on my skin. Whenever I do I'm still like.... what? really? Still so hard to believe. Did you have a wild and crazy Summer as planned? Mine was pretty calm and laid back. Check in soon lady! I'd love an update! xoxo
  13. CONGRATS ON FINISHING!!!!!!! Here's to clear skin forever and ever
  14. Aww thank you all for your kind words and encouragement! It goes a long way. I'm about 2 months post-tane now and everything is WONDERFUL. Takes me like 10 minutes to get ready these days because make-up is an option for the first time! I wish you all the very best on your journies to clear skin- it's coming, just be patient. I'll be checking in! xoxox
  15. YAAY! Congratz on being done girlie! Life sans accutane and sans acne is kind of awesome no? How are you doing? What did your derm prescribe as a topical? And how is LIFE all together? Hope you're doing well and enjoying your beautiful skin!