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  1. I am wondering if anyone here who might be eating a Paleo-ish diet has experimented with true organic free-range pastured pork that has no salt or additives? Digging through the archives, I have come across many people saying to avoid pork, but I can't help but think it's because of the poor quality and additives (iodized salt, etc) in typical supermarket pork that might be their actual problem. I usually eat 100% grassfed beef and have no problems with it but understand that pastured pork f
  2. Thank you Sweetjade and rentstuff. I have a hard time finding powdered vitamin C without any funky additives. I don't care if it tastes bad, just don't put any 'natural flavors' and 'magnesium stearate' and 'stearic acid', etc in my supplements!
  3. One thing I am not following through on with this after reading this thread and the one on the other board is the random comments about avoiding red meat here and there. Red meat is not on the low histamine diet avoid list. Not really understanding why it keeps getting a bad rep here, assuming that the red meat is healthy, organic, grass-fed. I'd also like to note that eating fermented foods including miso and sauerkraut always gave me a flushing feeling instantaneously, I researched this
  4. some gorillas do eat meat, insects, and bark
  5. nah, its definately worth it. i think the problem from your perspective is you're not worth it. that attitude won't get you anywhere
  6. i see no problems with the following items: high quality organic meat, poultry, and fish raw eggs vegetables cold pressed olive and coconut oil good quality fish oil
  7. i mix all oils into food after heating and cooling. even coconut oil. why take it off a tablespoon? mix it into your warm vegetables and it will melt perfectly. i think it goes really well with cauliflower personally.
  8. i think diet has everything to do with acne. i can guarantee such is the case with me. i just posted in another thread: what you THINK is 'healthy' might not be what your body FEELS is healthy. tofu, soy milk, whole grains, rice, dried fruits, certain nuts, bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, raw dairy, and so on may all be considered health foods by some but to many those very 'health' foods may be the cause of your problems for various reasons. when someone says 'i changed my diet and it didn't