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  1. August 2009 Update from a Year-Long Hiatus Wow, I can't believe I'm back on acne.org! I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to keep up this log whatsoever. I guess I have some good news and bad news, summer 2009 hasn't been treating me very well. I suppose it's been my fault for running out of supplies and not keeping up with my regimen. I had several breakouts of cysts on my nose, one after the other. It was insane! My acne had never been that bad ever. And of course, I pop
  2. I'm doing good. College is stressing me out like no other. My skin was so clear my freshmen year, but then it progressively got worse from the new environment and loads of stress. This is what I get for going to a good school. Yeah, I'm on DKR too. The regime keeps my pores under control. Have you ever heard of RiceBunny? She tests a lot of home-made products at home and blogs about it. She also does tutorials for make-up and what not. Here's a link: RiceBunny There's the aspirin mask an
  3. Nov. 17 - 24 Product Updates I started using Zapzyt Acne Wash on my body. It has a very nice lather, which is perfect. It's gentle and it leaves my skin feeling fresh. It has: 2% Salicylic acidAloe veraChamomileEntry - Nov. 24, 2008 Woot! I just finished my last Biology midterm today! Unfortunately, after a week of staying up long nights, junk food, and stress, my skin acted up again. I guess I had to sacrifice something so that I could pull up my grades. I guess it's time to pull up the
  4. Updates Nov. 16, 2008 Been on Dan Kern's acne regime for 4 months.Started using Darn Kern's AHA+.Rotate Dan Kern's cleanser with home-made Olive Oil Scrub & Jason Tea Tree Gentle Cleanser .Brief History Well, my name is Mini. I'm 19 years old and I've been battling acne for almost five years now. Like many of you, my acne started at very beginning of high school. Throughout freshmen and most of my sophomore year, I had a problem with a few blackheads on my nose and the occasional white
  5. Just updated my section. 90% clear now, only a few white heads on my chin, jaw, and forehead. Unfortunately, acne left me wth alot of scarring and I just need to get 99% before I start considering any scar treatments.
  6. Hey!!! I haven't talked with you in forever. Your skin looks really good, at least still better than mine. I'm 90% clear now, but i have so many scarring from acne. Blahhh. You started using Dan's products? I think they're really good, and I'm also using the organic products now: olive oil, honey, aspirin, sugar on my face. They're actually a lot better than most acne products I've used thus far, and they balance out my oil production!
  7. Holy shit. I've been so lazy to update lately. But my skin has been improving and getting worse and then going back to improving again a lot lately. I think this is because I haven't been consistent with my regime lately and trying out new products ALL the time. Maybe, I'll post up new pictures soon.
  8. quite busy w/ school im doin fine. ever since my mem card broke, iv been too lazy to update my log regularly. :wall:

  9. haha, i just totally got lazy and stopped updating.


    how are you??

  10. hows it goin? u havent been on for weeks

  11. Yesterday, I stayed up until 5 AM to finish my stupid English project. 4 huge pimples popped up. Argh, I'm going to cry. I ran out of a lot of products last week. I need to either restock and go back on my old regime or try to use the new Cetaphil products. Graduation is next week and I really need to get clear again.
  12. New pimple on my forehead. I'm going to cry.
  13. Yesterday, I met with a family friend who specializes in facials and acne treatments. She basically extracted all the white heads and a few pimples I had on my face. I'm 100% clear now and I still have a little redness and almost visible holes from the extraction, but all of that will be gone in two to three days. She said after 3 weeks, she'll give me a microdermabrasion. I'm really looking forward to get rid of my scars. Well, here are some current pictures of me. My skin is still somewh
  14. ahhh how did he get banned??? =[
  15. Personally, I would never put something sticky or has a weird texture on my face. Wouldn't honey clog your pores?