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  1. Quick update. Over the last couple weeks I've tried to use my morning urine (but as usual have not been super consistent....Im having real trouble keeping a strict routine). Anyway, the good thing is, I only got about 4 or 5 very small pimples that would heal within a day or two so Im really happy overall. The worst thing about my face now is all the red marks around my mouth that can't seem to fade away (Ive had some for the past 4 months or so )
  2. Yep, I am really stubborn, you have no idea :shifty: Anyway, today is my second day of the "morning urine" regimen. Let's see how that goes :) I figured that if I dont have time to do the whole routine in the morning when I get up super early (4 am) I can still keep the urine and use it later (instead of using new urine). Will report back in a couple weeks....thanx Jen !
  3. Well, seems that I posted too early....I broke out 2 days ago (nothing major though, just one pimple but quite large and ugly). I was stupid and messed with it so today I have another one growing right next to it :wall: UT definitely seems to be working but in my case cannot prevent the pre-period outbreak so far. Maybe I should try only using my morning urine and see how it goes....
  4. Quick update. I've been completely clear for the past week or so...which is great considering I should be breaking out right now (PMS week ). Also, my skin is definitely more even in tone every day (red marks are fading). GOOSE, I also wash my face one hour (or more) after applying urine in the morning but I do not wash it after applying it in the evening. I use "fresh" urine every time so I do not store it. At the moment Im only applying it twice a day but I did apply it more often (3 to 4 t
  5. I know we kind of already discussed this a bit, but I wanted to ask you a question. It did take me awhile to figure out exactly what application schedule worked for my skin, and the right concentration of the urine, but along the process I could always correlate any new pimple with a problem in the regimen. If I was doing the regimen perfectly I didn't get any new pimples, but I would always know before I ever got anything new that it was going to happen because I had had a slip-up or somethin
  6. Well, like I posted before, its no miracle cure but Im still impressed with the results so far. I'm still breaking out a bit (though no new pimple now since Saturday) but the overall appearance of my skin is much better (smooth and more even in color). Also, my blemishes now are all smaller than usual and healing in a matter of 5 days max (they would sometimes take weeks to go away in my case). I tried many products within the past 15 years, including OTC (BP, differin, retin-A, azelaic acid
  7. Well...Im still breaking out at the moment (always in the same areas) but not giving up quite yet. Trying to be really consistent also (I have been for about a week now). I will update in a couple weeks (or as soon as I see significant change), hopefully with better results
  8. Just a little update. First of all, have to say I have been VERY inconsistent with this regimen (also because Ive been sick and did not use urine for a few days in a row). Anyway....good news is, even though I did get a couple pimples during the past couple weeks, they healed really quickly as soon as I applied urine consistently (like 3/4 times a day). I still have quite a few red marks from past acne so I feel like Im not clear...but really, I have no active acne right now (and have not had
  9. Intolerance and ignorance is what made you waste even more time by posting this comment.
  10. Thanks Jen. I've been applying it at least 3 times a day these past couple days, can't be regular about the time of the day as I work irregular schedules but at least I'm applying more often now. I can actually see it is working so I guess its just a question of how long until Im completely clear (any new pimple that I had since I started dried in a couple of days so Im just left with some red marks that are pretty easy to cover up).
  11. Well...this is no miracle cure as I'm not 100% clear from using this method, got 5 or 6 small blemishes during the past week...but I dont have any bumps at the moment, only red marks and it does make my skin heal much faster (also I haven't had a cyst for over a month now which Im really happy about..). Progress might be slow because Im not willing to use the method during the day (and I wash my face again in the morning before applying make-up) Will give it one full month and update...
  12. Just to say I haven't had any new blemish since I started the urine thing (4 days ago). I aplied it 4 times a day the first 2 days coz I was off work but now that Im working I only use it twice a day (once in the morning, once in the evening). Will update about my progress later, 4 days is not long enough to draw any conclusions but still, Im impressed with the results so far
  13. Yes, I get all kinds of insects....does it interest you because you eat them, Iguana ??
  14. Jen, I'm really hopeful that this treatment will work....I had heard of it before but was never willing to try it until now. I guess the fact that you seem to suffer from the same type of acne as mine made me want to take the plunge.... Today is day 1 so its way too early to report any progress...but I will do so in a few days...
  15. I've tried pretty much everything available (otc and accutane) to get rid of my mild yet very stubborn acne. For the time being, its pretty much under control but I still break out regularly and get at least 2 to 3 painful cysts every month. Anyway....I've decided to give this urine thing a try (starting this evning) and see how it goes. I'm most concerned about the smell though....can't quite imagine that it would really be odorless ???