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  1. I have been taking high doses of vitamins/supplements for years anyway, even before I had hairloss........but I never considered taking Iron, since I had always heard it was a no-no to take unless pregnant or prescribed by a doctor. well, when I saw that my ferritin level was 14 (not anemic but very very low) I went out and bought some Slo fe tablets..........I started taking one a day and eventually took 2/day. I noticed my hair getting better almost immediately. I had no side effects and m
  2. I have never taken Accutane but I have experienced Telogen Effluvium brought about by medication. I was so distraught when I started to lose hair so I can sympathize. I just wanted to let you all know that my hair came back but I did do some things to help it along the way. Iron, yes...........if your ferritin (iron stores) are less than 70 then you will not be able to grow back your hair. I took iron supplements (slo fe) with no side effects either. But you need to check your levels first
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamanu_Oil not poppycock, i've read countless reports from doctors and scientific studies that say the same things. but, nothing is going to 'magically' make your scars dissappear......
  4. I've been taking Spiro for just over 2 months. Started with 25 mg/day. I noticed an improvement first couple of days....thought I was imagining it.......Had a bit of a breakout after a week or two.......once that cleared up it's been smooth sailing. and I only take 50 mg. and no BCP. So, to the naysayers.........I'm happy to say you are wrong...........some of us respond quickly! yay also, been using either Retin-A or Tazorac for over a decade........it never helped the chin acne that cam
  5. TG


    you need to start using pyrithione zinc soap as needed.......go to dermadoctor.com and read about sebborhea (they have info on everything) and they sell two different kinds of soap (cheap too). make sure you read the article about the condition too.
  6. This is an excellent product...and I've tried plenty!
  7. Thanks for your reply! I am quite skeptical, but don't want to be a jerk to Dan.
  8. I'm still afraid someone has hacked into the board and is using your name. Am I the only one that you need the info from? Anyone else out there?
  9. hey, you look clear in both pics to me!