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    About me: I'm afraid of the sun (I avoid it if I can)<br /><br />I'm Vietnamese<br /><br />I've travelled more extensively than anyone you've ever known<br /><br />I'm a college student majoring in biochemistry<br /><br />I like shopping, designing webpages, and watching the Discovery Health Channel<br /><br />Ralph Nader = the light<br /><br />Being a resident advisor and pres for Bio Club, I've noticed that I am tyrannical and need things to be done a certain way.<br /><br />I'm a slob
  1. Well, like many people here, I suffered from acne (and lots of it)! I remember last Christmas that not one single square centimeter of my face wasn't covered with zits, yuck. I tried everything, and the only thing that seems to work was benzoyl peroxide but it didn't clear me completely. Now I found something that is effortless and works wonderfully for me. It's called... the birth control pill. I never would have guessed it would work this well but my face is actually completely clear! I take i
  2. I think the gaps in your teeth are cute and makes you a bit more orginal... ) But your skin is looking really good. Can't wait to see more pics of your progress. Good luck, buddy!
  3. I've tried retin-a-micro. I peeled very badly and I swear that I lost feeling in my forehead after a month of using it. It helped my acne minimally if at all and it got so bad that it was extremely painful to wash my face. The only reason I stuck with it for as long as I did was because it was so highly recommended by dermatologists and I wanted my acne to go away so badly. BP works a lot better for me-- it doesn't hurt; my skin doesn't peel like with retin-a; and my ZITS ARE GONE with BP, not
  4. Try alpha hydroxy acid? BP bleaches your clothes, so steer clear of that. AHA might help.
  5. Hi, You look like you have acne below the surface of your skin and it's not coming out. I have a friend who had the EXACT same problem and now she's completely clear (yeah, I am jealous too) and what she used was stridex pads (i think it has salicyclic acid in it) and 10% oxy benzoyl peroxide. She thinks the thing that did the trick was the stridex pads but since she was using both of them, who knows? I would suggest you buy what she had and in addition a nice cleanser as well as a good moistur
  6. That is indeed an odd place to get pimples. Stop using the vaseline, as it is probably clogging your pores. Try using a non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores) moisturizer instead.
  7. Hey Dan! The #1 reason that I tried your regimen is because BP was pretty much the only thing that worked for me in the past (I was using 10% before I started the regimen). So I thought that this regimen had a lot of potential of working for me. And the #2 reason was because it was non-commercial. Say, if you had tried to sell me everything in a kit, I would have been very suspicious because then everything I read from your site would have been marketing over the internet. But thanks for shar
  8. "I am VERY self-concious and getting a break-out really depresses me to the point where I want to lock myself out from the whole world and everone in it. About 1 1/2 months ago I came across this site and decided to give it a try. I have never had bad acne...in fact most people(friends and girlfriend) have never noticed that I have a problem. I can't describe how bad this makes me feel because I feel that that is all anyone sees when they look at me. " Have you tried seeing a psycholgist? I'm n
  9. I had a lot of small bumps in my forehead area as well as on the sides of my face. I guess my acne was "mild" to start out with in the beginning, but it was enough to annoy the hell outta me and bad enough that I kept bangs throughout HS/college so ppl wouldn't notice it. I've only been on the regimen two weeks but those small bumps pretty much went away. I would say after day 2/3, they were gone. I guess right now, the only thing on my face is some marks from old acne that I had as well as som
  10. I have a question for those people who were on the regimen and became completely clear. Did you continue the same applications as you did when you had more acne or did you make changes to your regimen (like apply BP once a day instead of twice)? I know that Dan said when he stopped the regimen, all the zits came back so you can't completely stop it, but does it make sense to put a huge amount of BP twice a day for zits that aren't even there? Lemme know what you guys did to stay clear after yo
  11. With me, it's the opposite. I put a little bit of salicylic acid on once, and it stings like crazy and keeps stinging for hours. I put it on before bedtime and I had to sleep on my hands to keep in from face. And the next morning, it looked the same as it did before. In other words, it did NOTHING and it was like torture putting that stuff on. I never used it again. With BP, I always see a difference in the morning after I put it on and it doesn't hurt me.
  12. Tip: if you have to pop a pimple, I suggest you put a HUGE amount of benzoyl peroxide IMMEDIATELY after popping it (don't spread it around) even if it is bleeding. This may be faulty reasoning, but what I think is once you pop a pimple, you open the pore so BP comes in more easily, killing the bacteria. Sometimes, I pop a huge zit and put BP right away and the next day, it's gone. No trace of it, not even a scar. It's very satisfying.
  13. What works for one might not work for another. If you are not satisfied with Dan's regimen (or after 7 weeks, it's not giving you ANY result, as it should), then stop it. My advice is to try every product on the market until you stumble into something that works. Our skins react quite differently, I think, even though acne pretty much happens the same way. Talk to your dermatologist, and be informed about what you're getting.
  14. I think Dan's regimen and Proactive are basically the same thing (both use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide as active ingredient). I've never used Proactive but I've heard this one is better b/c it's unscented and Proactive is scented. Also, you get more bang for your buck using Dan's regime.
  15. Hello, Have you ever tried benzoyl peroxide products before like Clearasil, Oxy, Neutrogena, ect? If those products had helped clear up your skin (but not totally) I would recommend you try Dan's regimen for a more effective way using the same active ingredients. If you have tried those over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide products but they didn't do much for you, then maybe Dan's regimen isn't what you're looking for. If you have never tried BP, I'd recommend it. The regimen only costs about $3