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  1. i think ive found away to stop picking... here it is folks just stop STOP PICKING!!! i think thats the only way
  2. all i ever seem to do is pick pick pick and no matter how hard i try not to do it i always relapse.
  3. What should i do ive stopped all things for a long time now and my face is moderate/severe right now. should i get it?
  4. I have have this and am getting mild scarring action taking place so i would like to find something to help quick. Thinkin of trying the vitamin c serum stuff, the some type of tea tree (oil or soap?) thing and am gonna be putting a little bit of BP on active pimples hope it works. Just wondering your sudjestions or what u guys have done to help. I am not gonna do accutane and have tried the reginmen on here but failed miserably? I dont think there is anything out the anymore that can burn
  5. for 6 years my acne has taken a tole on my skin and i believe i found the solution. Polysporin most of u have probly heard of. When u were little and got a cut on ur skin ur mom probly put some on the prevent infection, so that it would heal faster. Anyways as many of u probly already know one of the biggest problems with acne is letting it heal and not picking at it. well all of u people who have been picking and cant stop i have found a solution. BACTROBAN it is very smilar to polysporin
  6. I cant stop picking nothing seems to work cause i just find a way to screw everything up again. I always tell myself but it never works. Just like the iced water thread i pick my face the same way. On the Sept 2nd my face looked unbelievable it was something to see, no acne no low self esteem at school, no more "scared" to talk to people and make friends. I actually had not a care in the world that day and i was able to sit down and do some homework Lets just say that day was one ill never for
  7. well my face was getting better these past few days, its just things started getting more boring around the house and i began touching my face more. that touching soon irrated and led me to picking. now im sitting here looking like ive been In a brutal fight. And I!!! have to go back to school now. Sometimes i feel as if i will never recover, 2 years of high school out of the way and me being probly the only person in my school with bad acne has takin such a tole on me. 2 years and i have only m
  8. highly doubt it your skin is used to BP and shouldnt do anything
  9. wont that irratate ur face?
  10. there are definatly treatments out there i imagine that could greatly reduce the appearance of scars maybe even remove them im not sure? im gonna do something to get rid of some mild scaring on my cheek bone areas of my face and towards my nose. But i dont think i should start till my acne nearly 100% gone. ex: strong chemical peals i heard can help, laser treatment?, or blue light theropy? just ask ur dermatoligest about all the methods i suggest
  11. ok i officially started the regimen today and just put it on for my evening dose. ok i have trouble keeping my hasnds away from my face like real trouble, will just touching it make it worse?, what do u guys do to stop yourselves?, is popping a anoying pimple bad?