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  1. Hey guys, I've been looking all over the place for a good cleanser for blemish prone skin. I have combination skin, with minor acne but a bunch of red marks and tiny bumps everywhere. I've been using st ives cleanser, but I want to get one that doesn't dry the skin so much and is gentle without a bunch of chemicals. Also, what would you recommend as a moisturizer. Sometimes after washing my face it gets so dry that I just apply my sister's ponds dry skin cream. I know thats not good for my ty
  2. oh okay thanks, i'll go check it out, I didn't notice it because I found this site from a search engine that directed me immediately to the message boards! Thanks again
  3. thanks a lot for your help, sweetchica, i'll check out that site
  4. hey everyone- Do you mix moisturizer with your foundation before applying foundation? If so, what kind of moisturizer? Also, do any of you know how to apply foundation/concealer without having streaks? That always happens to me and when I try to blend the streaks, the foundation/concealer comes off of my skin and the blemish shows once again as if I hadn't done anything!!! AHHHH! Thanks for your help!!
  5. hey guys, has anyone tried any of the clearasil total control products? Do any work?
  6. hey guys!!!! i'm new here and i had a couple of questions: first, what concealer, foundation, and powder is the best for combination skin? My skin is oily in the T-zone but dry in many places. I have some acne, not too much, but my major problem is blemishes (purple sometimes red.) I've heard about almay, cover girl, and l'oreal. second, is concealer applied before foundation, or the other way around? I'm trying to get the really light make up, almost not there look. Do you recommend anyt