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  1. ^^^Exactly, As much as I love this board for being informative I find things grow on it. Like tane is some deadly drug that going to kill you. Jesus people the stuff works and doctors perscrib it because of that. Just go for you blood tests and you will be fine. Mild acne is stil acne and you shouldnt have to live with it.
  2. Check my post. Find a new doctor if this one wont give you accutane. Its the best thing you can do. Some are happy to do it so long as you do what they say. Best thing I ever did.
  3. No initial breakout that was worse then my day to day acne. All I noticed was an increase in pimples around my mouth for maybe the first 2 weeks and then they were gone. My forehead cleared from day one.
  4. So I thought I would post this up as I wish I had read something like this back in the day. So Im just about 4 months in on my accutane treatment and I only have a month and a half let to go. This message is for all the people out there that have moderate acne that are hyming and hawing whether to go on accutane. Let me tell you that you want to do this. I had done the regimen, I had done blue light therapy, I had done levulan with the worst side effects ever and I was on tetracycline
  5. It doesnt, I got those in the first month, just keep using the chapstick and make sure it goes on your lips. They eventually stop.
  6. Well just about at the 6 week mark. It really looking good so far. Pretty much almost clear with the exception of only a few on my forehead that you cant see and are going away. My cheeks look great and the red marks are almost completely faided.
  7. Worst experience of you life for sure, I would never do it again, thank god it was covered by my insurance. As for the update, no Idea what day Im on, probably around day 40. Anyways, things are looking just great. I have one pimple on my temple, I had one on my neck the other day but it has since gone away. I also had a good one on my chest that is just healing now. It was a cyst Im pretty sure. Just lucky that it wasnt on my face. So I guess nothing really major to annouce. I went for another
  8. Hi, Im just a little worried about a rash that I have developed on the back of my right hand. It looks kinda like a I took sandpaper to the back of my hand and its all red but doesnt hurt or itch or anything. Is there any possible causes for this? I havent experienced any other side effects yet other then mild dryness. Im on 20 mg a day. Thanks.
  9. Well its day 31 I think my counting was a bit off. I finished my second pack of accutane. Im really happy with the results. Forehead is clear, checks are clear, noise is almost clear of all black heads and my back is clear, nothing really to report, there just a few redmarks left on my left cheek that I have to deal with but Im sure they will be gone soon. Yahhhh for accutane.
  10. Your dose, which averages 30mg/day, is appropriate for someone who weighs anywhere between 44 and 66 lbs.. How much do you weigh? Whats the point in a really high dosage? Most cases Ive seen of low dosages work the same as high dosage. Im on 20mg and I weigh 145 pounds and Ive only been on it for a month now and its working wonders. My body does tend to react alot to drugs though.
  11. Well day 26 and I guess Im going through a good period you would say. Pimples have really slowed down but what Im really impressed with is the blackhead! Just the other day I noticed that they were really prominent and raised. Today I noticed that alot of them had simply just disapeared or fell out. There still some left but Im sure they be gone soon enough. Its great!
  12. Alright Day 26. Things seem to kinda be looking up. Face is actually looking pretty good today, I stoped shaving friday so I got some facial hair covering where some of the redmarks are so I think that mostly the reason why it looks better. I had to small pimples above my lip this weekend but they were gone within hours of waking up. Ive been drinking about 2 litres of water a day to get my keratin levels down so I dont get booted off the drug. Hopefully that will be a enough.
  13. Ok, so I think Im on day 25, not really that far into it I just realized. Well here the whats going on. Been sick for the past 4 days, only realized tonight that it was the flu that I had which I have never had before hence the cough medication didnt work. Took to advil and bam, I feel great, to bad it already 12 on a friday so all is lost. So, as to my progress. The forehead still seems to be holding strong, but the skin complexion still suck huge. Breaking out continues around my mouth, as usu
  14. Hey, has anyone ever experienced high keratin levels in the their liver. I went for my second blood test results today and it role 14 points from the previous time. Because of this the doc is keeping me on a low dose of 20 mg, and I go for blood testing once a month. She said to drink more water but is there anything else that I can do to prevent it. If it goes any higher she said that I will have to consider other options which would suck because its working really well. All the other things te