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  1. shutterlag - that makes me feel a lot better... stops the crying for the moment lol i really hope this is sooo... i'll do w/e it takes to get back on it.. cuz i can't go on like this lol and i never even had side effects on it i'm fine on accutane sooo why can't i have it? i'm gonna really push to get it!!! thanks for ur research! i feel like there may be hope after all!! thanks again! La Cole
  2. R U GUYS SERIOUS...... i dunno what to think... this is crazy! .. TylerD - i can't get it just for a month... if u go on it my dermo says u need the full treatment of the 5 - 6 months... and i've looked on the net for it and every site said it either needed a prescription, or if not, it said it stopped selling it... and i found a way but then it was from Canada and it said shipments of accutane are not allowed to be made to the USA... so i dunno, i need a way to get it though!! gosh i hope
  3. your doctor said u can get on accutane??????!????? i asked my dermatologist a week or 2 ago if i could go on it again cuz i'm breaking out since i've been off it for like 3-4 months! and she said noooo because the FDA is Banning ACCUTANE FROM THE US JUNE 1st.... yea exactly one month from today!! so how's that possible!??? i've been freaking out enough this past week that i can't get it and it's gona be illegal to have in the USA.. i don't understand why your doctor said u could get on it...
  4. I have been on accutane the genertic brand.. ammesten or w/e... for 2 treatments and it worked great!!! and now i've been off it for about 3 -4 months and my acne is coming back and i'm breaking out like crazy!!! i never broke out before just one or 2 once in a while and now EVERYDAY, no joke, i wake up to 1 or more new pimples!!! I've been crying non stop and going crazy, because when my mom called my dermatologst she said she wasn't going to put me back on Accutane again because the FDA is ba