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  1. OH man....me too, explains the breakout from no-where...man my skin was getting better too!!!!
  2. But sleep also helps, so it may not be that big of a factor. But exercise does seem like a giant factor. I'm gonna do more exercise from now on...in and out of the club. =)
  3. I don't get it. I stayed up late last night, went clubbing and sweated like nobody's business. I mean, I was WET!!! Anyway, this is WEIRD. I woke up this morning to many of my pimples' size being lower. My skin tone looks awesome and some of my cysts don't even hurt anymore! Could clubbing and having an awesome time be part of this? Maybe the sweating? Or maybe I'm hallucinating?
  4. But I highly doubt it's because of the regimen. I used to have alot of cysts on my forehead and my temples looked seriously deformed. This stopped for some time but it's back! I hate it! What causes cysts? Could it be a new hair product I'm using. It's like a pasty thing instead of the regular gel I used to wear...anyone have any wisdom on this issue?
  5. Does that Bio Oil you use work well? How well? Can I get it in the US?
  6. So I was doing my regimen and I noticed something peculiar...my skin looks really nice when its wet. I don't know if its because my contacts are off or something, but maybe when its refreshed with some water the appearance of my hyperpigmentation is lessened and redness goes away. Anyone notice something like this?
  7. Cysts? Since I've gotten back on the Regimen I've been getting them too. I don't know if me starting the CSR again triggered that, though.
  8. I like splashing with cold water because it feels good.
  9. I've noticed alot of small bumps too. These bumps on my nose have been here way before I was on Dan's regimen though. But yeah, about those small comedone bump things, I'm scared. I don't, however, appreciate you ridiculing Dan like that, though (ie, him making the bp gel out of his basement...)...
  10. So I found out that the bumps I have (VERY much like the ones in the picture) are indeed swollen oil glands.
  11. I'm nw using Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion rather than the neutrogena SPF 15 one, it's a bit better.
  12. I tried searching for topics involving Bio Oil and the Omega 3 supplements. Does anyone have any enlightenment on the effectiveness of these products?
  13. Man I HATE that commercial!!! Depressed me. haha.
  14. I recently got back on the CSR full on without failing one morning or one night and now using a GENEROUS portion of BP Gel and what not. Anyway, after moisturizing I feel some parts of my face stinging. This is probably normal, but I have a tendency to moisturize again because I feel the stining is due to skin drying. Am I wrong?
  15. I've only seen one other person ever who has had these. So you say they heal with SA peel? mine have never healed..... I heard they are called "macrocomedones", anyone have any more enlightenment?