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  1. i have red spots too check out my face...
  2. fuck man if it's stiff or seems dry ur bp probably is'nt absorbed or ur using too much... cut back a bit. i only use peasized for my forehead and cheeks another peasize and only use it at night...
  3. conditioners can clog ur pores!!! [-(
  4. 1 day is a big diff... 1 day is 2 treatments missing 3 means u missed a total of 6 applications... ask urself, does six bp matter? ofcorse it does. u are not ever to stop application even when camping or whatever
  5. FYI: dove is comedogenic w/c means it WILL break some people out... but hey, it moisturizes at the same time doesnt dry ur face.
  6. simply put, diff stuff work on diff people. try it on u to see. for me it's pore refiner and oil powder absorber and it makes me look fresh for over 5-7 hours... depending on the humidity and climate for me hot places make me oily.
  7. just drink as much as you can... its totally good for u body foo.
  8. u know ur mistake, u missed a couple of bp night and day... it will break u out. now uve learned never to miss just like i did. i learned this the same way... im gonna have to use bp forever if i want to be acne free,
  9. drinking 1.5 liters of water 2 times a day has helped clear me up dramatically. combined with NOT touching ur face.