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  1. Emilsson


    7 weeks with Roaccutan (Accutan)
  2. Don´t wear them for long periods and use eye drops! I used contacts during my treatment...
  3. Your acne in similarly to mine... I tried antibiotics for about 6 months witch helpt allot in the beginning but when my acne started to return I got Accutan. And it has so far worked wonders for my skin. By the way, you are cute
  4. I had very oily skin, and accutan helped me. But if you don’t have moderate/severe acne don’t try it
  5. It depends , dident help me but perhaps it will work for you
  6. Ok famous people can also have acne..?
  7. Try to increase the amount of moisturizer and see if that helps. Your skin is probably just very dry
  8. Perhaps it’s not because of accutan... Do you have any relatives who lost their hair when they where at your age?
  9. I dont think it matters so much... Just drink allot water
  10. I dont think that omega 3 helps against acne... But it have some other good sides
  11. Accutan affects the liver and therefore the blood. It also alters the sugar level and it is possible for urine substances to leak out in to the bloodstream = not good
  12. You should only use accutan as your last option (because of the side effects).
  13. It depends... I dont do to the beach with my girl friends but with my other friends i dont care...
  14. Ask your derm... My derm said that I should take them together