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  1. i love steaming. thanks for posting this. i am going to dig up my facial steamer and start steaming again !!! my dr used to say gargle with salt water when u have strepp throat so salt definatly would clearn ur pores. i nevr thought of that. another thing that works good. i got a job this summer doing physical work in a hot hot bulidng with no AC and all of the sweat and heat is making all my zits get moistined and come out to the surface. im sure if i added steaming to that when i get home
  2. mine didnt take long. about a week tops if i remember clearly it got their faster than i expected.
  3. the extractionms my lady did left dent scars in my face. i wouldnt even bother with extractions again.
  4. i have these too. mine dont go away but when i used something abrASive it spread the infection all over my face. i dont recommend using anything abrasive. mine all happend when i used loreal microdermabrasion kit and put tamanu oil on my face ( dfamn these boards some tiems ) - anyway do these bumps go away if left alone ? cuz im about to do that that is the pint im too i have hundreds of small ones all over and some imbedded ones. sigh ! so i am jus going to wait it out these acne products are
  5. well i thought proactiv was my soultion i been folowing it to the T since summer started. so how come i have MORE BUMPS AND RED ZITS THAN EVER!!! it all comin to the surface or is this shit pore clogging garbage liek everything else ?
  6. does accutane work for ppl ? does it clear up milia/ white head bumps ??? thanks !
  7. SOMEONE posted a warning about bp here http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=58451 r i am nto sure if its true or not. right now i am using bp i have heard its the best acne treatment . my main priority is clearing up this acne, ill worry about the rest later.
  8. at least u dug up the old thread first instead of starting a new one !
  9. oh god i cant count all my zits. u have go tto be kdidgn that would take all day. im estimating in the 100s .
  10. ive been doing the proactiv and my zits got clearer so i came on here bragging how much clearer i got. and now they are WORSE WROSE so im switching to dans . thank god i got 2 tubes here.
  11. thanks for posting that. has anyone here noticed a continued relliance on benzoyl peroxide ?? ougt oh 1 i been usig it !!! aggghh
  12. didnt she do accutane a while back ? i guess proactiv isnt doing it for her either. mine is getting worse also
  13. u didnt see any results ??? *shocked* thatsw a strong peel im surprised u didnt see any. i have done the mild drug store peels and noticed a brighter complexion immmediately after.