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  1. have you heard about sthg called Q10? Coenzyme Q? it is very hot in japan right now! I wonder if i should try some of those creams since they were originally made for age fighting....not scar repairing....
  2. haha i wasn't thinking about plasma tv but i could really buy a lot of designer bags or FOOD with the $ spent on acne =_+ ! I still have 2 questions: 1. What makes them the lucky 5%? skin that heals better? 2. you said you notice 15% of improvements after treatment. Does that 15% add on after each treatment? 15-->30-->45-->? Or will the improvement just stop at a point after numerous treatment? Thanks for your quality & prompt reply =)
  3. I think most of you have seen the before and after pictures about how fraxel heals indented acne scar on fraxel.com I WONDER IF ANY OF YOU HAVE ACHIEVED SCAR IMPROVEMENT TO THE SAME EXTENT??? and how long did it take? how many sessions? realli want to know!~ thanks
  4. yes use plain yoghurt! i have done it once a day since the first time i tried it. Woah! no more bumps bumps and new breakout even i went to Mcdonalds! i guess it gives my skin a really deep clean =) and u will notice how bright your skin has become after wiping and rinsing it off.... I always have doubts about simple method to keep skin nice...because i thought acne is a complicated issue which needs complicated treatments! but i think my attitude shoula change!
  5. Im livin in Hong kong and there's a korean cosmetic brand which sells strawberry yogurt mask* so i was bored at home making smoothie and had some left-over plain yogurt.....out of boredom i smeared them on face in thick & wash em off 15 minutes later....my face seems to be brighter !!! the dull spots and marks seems brighter! and the pores on my nose are refined & clean! i felt so clean can't think of other words does anyone know if plain yoghurt mask helps clear up acne? what is the lo
  6. But I heard some people said that chemical peeling caused large pores to be even LARGER! pores trouble me as much as the shallow scars....shallow but come in large quantity. sigh Do you think peels from philosophy would help & is more mild?
  7. But I heard some people said that chemical peeling caused large pores to be even LARGER! pores trouble me as much as the shallow scars....shallow but come in large quantity. sigh
  8. Guys, thanks for the prompt replies! it's really absurd that modern technology can do a lot for serious diseases but do lil for acne. argh***all these scar revision treatments are very tempting to me. They gave me some of the best dreams but I now think that they are just false hopes . I heard about failures of chemical peeling, CO2 laser and microdermabrasion up til now. I don't want to believe that nth can help but it seems so. maybe I should give my face a break? see if the scars heal a lit
  9. I am 19 and I have really high hopes in doing fraxel light! i hope it can shrink the pores and heal the shallow scars. And What i saw on fraxel.com were promising b4 & after pictures. YET! many ppl are saying sthg negative about the results they got. Can any members ( esp. Chinese ones) tell me what fraxel has done for them? THANKS A TRILLION
  10. I used neutrogena skin clearing cream...but now i am a big fan of AUbrey Organics Natural fruit AHA lotion .it's all natural !......as i hv grown older...im turning into a natural product freak...haha Try the lotion ! it's good!!! I can't stop myself from touching the smoothed CHEEKS! but um...i still have shallow scars that can be detected by EYES but not HANDS.
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  12. [attachmentid=3909]how can i improve these scar* sniff sniff yea im a scar face. would chemical peeling help? or laser? ashley
  13. I think that if we act on impulse and try whatever treatments we MAY GET EVEN MORE SCARS AND BE regretFUL for that! LET US STOP for a while and let our skin heal naturally!
  14. Everday, I wait for the schoolbus with a cute guy from another school together and I 've realized that he is always looking at me...and he looks away when I look back... Is he playing the join-the-dots game with the acne and marks on my face or...is he interested in me? I have no idea. I think that clear skinned people should puke when they see me. I also wonder why girl friends in school would want to touch my face..with large pores, oil, marks and scar..=_= or stick their faces to mine while