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  1. OMG I HAD THAT EXACT SAME THING HAPPEN TO ME ! Seriously. It lasted from October to December. I ended up seeing a naturopath that cost me 200$ and she told me to follow a hypoallergic diet and then to start re-introducing foods slowly afterwards to detect possible mild allergies or aggravating foods. I did that (and BOY it was hard to follow that diet, you couldn't eat ANYTHING NORMAL ! ) Found two things: CANNED FOODS HURT MY STOMACH! Especially soup. I also found that STRESS was a MAJOR f
  2. Hey guys, its not really a question, but more of an announcement, there's a free 2 week course on getting rid of your acne naturally hosted on Facebook. Definitely worth checking out. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules* - Eric
  3. There are many things in our society that account for acne. The most prominent one being our sedentary lifestyle. Our bodies were made to move, and we don't anymore. When you move, your body cleanses itself, it heals itself, its active & healthy. Chinese bike all over the place, they work fields, etc. In the western parts of the world, we sit in front of the TV and our computer (sometimes at the same time) If you didn't sweat today, and most of us don't, then you haven't moved enough.
  4. Its not the alcohol that's making him break out, its the sugar. Therefore, anything mixed with coke, sprite or ice tea is very bad because its quite high in sugar. (Red Bull won't be any better either) Alcohols to avoid: Any syrup/sweet alcohol (ie: Limonchello, Rum, Goldshlagger, etc) Mixing agents to avoid: (Orange juice, Coke, 7UP, Ice Tea, Energy Drinks) (ps. diet coke is even worse than regular coke because it contains aspartame) Anything else should be OK! I know that doesn't leave
  5. I'm so glad someone asked this! Subway is healthier than burger joints and other fast food restaurants, yes. But this is relative. What bothers me is that Subway actually promotes the fact that they are a healthy meal, and this is completely false. First, I don't feel good after eating Subway, this should be the first indication. The meat is all pre-cooked, made to be reheated in 20 seconds. It is grown by the cheapest provider, which pump all their cattle, chickens with hormones. Afterwards
  6. ACV smells when used topically. If you want to use it, I would recommend applying it at night before sleeping. Then rinsing the next morning. Internally, check my site.
  7. There are things that make me happy... One of them is seeing new scientific reports proving what I've been saying all along. The latest one, on sun light and its effects on the human body is about to emerge. Its VERY important for acne sufferers to take this into consideration so I figured I'd share the good news. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules*
  8. I wrote a HUGE report on *exactly* why underweight people are more susceptible to acne. Its actually the first report that you get when you sign up to my newsletter. Its one of the key elements for getting rid of acne.
  9. Go out for a walk. I know this is borderline exercise, but just a simple walk is going to be more beneficial than almost all the things that were listed here. The second best thing would be to get a punching bag and beat on it. Laugh. Imagine stress being like a wound up elastic, and you're trying to unwind it by talking to it, using mental tricks. That's not going to work! One way or another, its physical motion that's going to relieve the stress. Cleaning the house means movement, walkin
  10. Your body is worth more than a car. Don't ever 'give up', just keep on fighting until you discover what works for you. It took me 7-10 years to find it out.
  11. Fight the acne. Don't ever give up. If other people have fought and won, you can too.
  12. That sucks, but when you have clear skin you'll appreciate it THAT much more.l Actually, you have to realize that going through this is going to make you a stronger person, when you only have 1 pimple left, you'll laugh at it and it won't bother you. As opposed to people who freak out when they have 1 pimple. Its all relative. Meanwhile, it sucks... and there really isn't a magical answer to how you should feel. Just know that the best way to act is to act normal.
  13. I have experimented with taking vitamin C over longer periods of time. My results: Yes it does help, I had been taking 1000mg daily of the Ester-C for a month or so. HOWEVER, you can't take that on a regular basis. At one point, I started having a pain after taking a vitamin C supplement, and as soon as I stopped taking them, it went away. Thus, take vitamin C only when you feel like you're getting a cold, and only for a few days.
  14. Trying to keep it simple... Avoid sugar as much as possible except from fruits. Eat 1-2 apples per day. Those things do magic.
  15. It depends what kind of breakfast you eat. If you eat a sugar filled breakfast (think pretty much every sugar cereal, combined with milk & sugar) then yes, breakfast can be harmful and trigger more acne. However, if you have a normal healthy breakfast (a fruit like an apple or an orange, brown bread toast, or even a good fiber cereal) then what you are doing is kick starting your digestive system. This is a good thing. At night, your digestive system slows down, this is why people who don't