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  1. How do you cope with having acne scars?
  2. do any of these peoples ideas on here actually work? ive got red marks and indentations all over my face and im thinking of ordering a glycolic peel off ebay or TCA peel but i want to know how effective it is. does it really work in getting rid of red marks from acne? im starting to think the only way to get rid of red marks now is through a professional at a clinic.
  3. ok this is a problem ive had in my life i shouldnt have for way too long and now im fed up with it. which peel do u think is the best for getting rid of red marks glycolic peel , lactic acid or TCA peel?
  4. im thinking of going for a TCA peel soon and im wondering how good it is for clearing up facial blemishes and red marks. mine ar very noticeable
  5. do they ever fill in naturally and heal over time>
  6. red marks how long does it take to fade for u?
  7. yes it also makes me feel like im not good enough for people. i can only look at my face in certain mirrors now because it upsets me so much. car mirrors and those compact make up mirrors i hate.
  8. yeh vicious circle for me, worry about trying to get rid of the red marks, and more acne comes. u just have to try and hang in there.
  9. im thinking of getting a TCA peel and im wondering how good it is for hyperpigmentation, blemishes , my skin looks all rashy. im looking for something that will make a difference, can someone here tell me what its like?
  10. winnie44

    Im new...

    does tca peel completely get rid of red marks or just fade them? because i want mine completely gone.