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  1. tysha! how u been?? :)

  2. Hey my friend its so wonderful to hear from ya. Hows the horses doin? I havent been riding much:( Have a great day:)

  3. Hi, Marisa!

    How're you!?

  4. You! How're you doing?

  5. Hows your world been lately? Hope all is well:)

  6. I laughed at your icon

  7. I saddled up today and of course i thought of my .org friend :)

  8. look who's talking!!!! lol, and thanks ;) btw, how are you doing????? :)

  9. Beautttiiifuuulll Maaarrriiiissssssssaa.

    Hi. =D

  10. You're a doll <3

  11. Whoa. Pink hair. You're too beautiful. *Makes it illigal* =D

  12. Never did the leaving cert myself. Very glad. =/ Stress.

    I'm just busying myself breaking the horses and doing some dealin' on the side.

  13. yeh yeh not too bad like jus tryin to get ready for my good ol leaving cert

    what you up to these days?

  14. Good good. How's things with you? =)

  15. I don't know, but I'm okies. =) How're yooou? Good, I hope. <3