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  1. Its funny how little women know about men. All men talk about females when they are in a group just like females do. Its pretty much natural not immature
  2. I think I understand where you are coming from. When my acne was flaring up I felt somewhat out of place in conversation about females. I think you should talk up more because its going to make both you and your friends feel awkward. Everything will werk out you just need to get that confidence back
  3. Man I would like to tell you its all in your head but the truth of the matter is all severe acne suffers have experienced something like this. Wether its someone avoiding looking at your face or being shocked when they take a glance at you. All I can tell you is to hang in there and ignore those people I use to let stuff like this get me down but better dayz are ahead of u trust me
  4. Yeah, that song dedicated to Biggie. Diddy when he was Puff Daddy and Faith Evans. ← lol
  5. That is the most inspirational post I have ever read on acne.org. That was some real shit man I know will alot of people on this board will appreciate reading that , thanks for taking the time ou to share it with everyone else.
  6. its a sad thing when a person cant look in a specific mirror. Wow this is life
  7. most influential would have to be my mother. Questioon: What your favorite song of all time?
  8. Umm I dunno how its hanging How mad are you about the gas prices?
  9. this is far from normal. You may have negative thoughts but your comments are uncalld for. Im surprised you would admit some shit like that
  10. this is all very funny,confusing and sad. Finally some suspense on acne.org
  11. now that you mention it my mom and some of my friends use to do that shit. Damn I think im gonna cry
  12. Honestly my acne was at its worst my freshman year of college and that was my best year. I had alot of friends both male and female. No gf but some chicks I went out with and fooled around with. Im not going to lie to you I know of 2 times ppl commented on my face.These comments were not negative comments, just the usual do u drink alot of water and other b.s Other than that it wasnt bad just be confident and your going to be morte than ok