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  1. To tell you the truth I have severe acne and I still had guys saying I was beautiful. But, I didn't think so... I've always here saying this motto. Healthy skin is being beautiful... that makes me think that what about girls who are beautiful and have bad skin?
  2. Talk to girls who are open minded. I know if they were to talk to this guy who posted this thread face to face they he wouldn't say these childish remarks...why people why...do you use the internet to make your raised up your ego... And specially this forum supposed to be supportive about people who suffer with acne.
  3. It's weird to say acne on scalp. It's true. One of my relative's has very bad acne on his scalp. I can't even called it acne or something else. But, to me it doesn't look like acne they look like fungus and it looks very severe. I didn't mention his name cause' this is really personal to all my family. But, I've try to help him out. Sometimes he gets so frustrated he can't even sleep. He constatly bleeds and he feels so depress. I sometimes think that it could be major or he needs medical att
  4. I did use the regimen like it was supposed to be used. But, I forgot to mention that I took some Advils gel capsules to ease my stomach pain. This is what it says on the Warning label.... Warnings Allergy alert: ibuprofen may cause a severe allergic reaction which may include: hives facial swelling asthma (wheezing) shock I guess I'm allergic ibuprofen if I would of known that I wouldn't take it. Thanks for the rez...
  5. Yesterday night I went with my daily routine. Wash my face put BP and went to bed all of sudden I felt a pulsating sensation on cheek. I look at it and though maybe is a pimple coming out a couple of minutes it started to hurt and it was feeling like it swell up. Then I said is nothing I should go to bed. Damn I couldn't sleep with my face pulsating all over my cheeks. I turn on the lights I was horrified of what I saw. My face got really red and swallowen. It felt very thick and inflame. I mean
  6. The trick to the treatment is too keep using the BP until you get use to it. At first it was hell for me. And, I wanted to give up. But, I mosturized frequently and I just keep doing it eveyday. Also, I use Nature's Cure, Vitamins, Drink lots of Water, and took My Ortho-Tircyclen.. Thanks for Ani...It only takes patience and lots of faith... :(/
  7. I use dan's regimen from 1 month and half. The dryness is gone, and my skin is gettin much better. Before After..
  8. I feel for you. There's hope. Why don't you try Dan's Regimen. It might work for you and it doesn't cost alot. The Regimen
  9. It shows more improvement I'm on my second week and my face almost feels more smoother than before. Like a have my period it kinda did a flare up but, is not that bad. :D/
  10. I just to use proactiv too. But, keeping up with that regimen is to hard and expensive. You really don't need the first two bottles. Cause' In my experience I notice it made my face more greasy looking. But, if you still have the BP 2.5% that's great use it with Dan's Regimen it's working for me. Wow abby I guess your thread is very popular. WOW you showed lots of improvement on your face. You look great. :)/
  11. I've taking Ortha too but, I did experience on that. Someone in the forum told me that it should take time to get your face clear with Ortho give about 3 months and you'll see results. For the flaking of your skin. Moisture it really helps your skin needs to be soothe too. Try doing that it might work.
  12. Well, that's pretty mess up that your parents won't help you get your skin clear. My parents are very supported. But, if you want to get clear skin. I suggest you get these products: (There Dan's suggestions) A Cleanser = Choose a cleanser that does not overdry. You want something mild, made specifically for a sensitive, dry individual because of the amount of benzoyl peroxide you will be using. Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar, 6oz. (lasts forever, smells nice, gentle, good lather) Price: