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  1. The effects of Accutane last after you have taken your last pill, so you might experience chapped lips for a while afterward, but it IS NOT permanent.
  2. Don't worry about the psychological effects. I noticed my skin was dryer than normal when I was on it. I had the odd nose bleed in the middle of the night. That was about it. Treat yourself to a good face moisturizer, and you'll be fine. The stuff works too. You will see a difference pretty quick. Accutane is one hell of a drug.
  3. Can this stuff be purchased in Canada? I have yet to see it in stores here...
  4. I decided to go without the SPF15. I'll look for a non-greasy sunblock as well, but to be honest, I'm not going to get too worked up if I don't find one. I'm always wearing a hat as it is, and we're getting close to fall season, so the sun won't be out as much. I know I should wear sunblock, but meh. Like cool said above, I would definately wear it if I was using a BP product, but I"m not so...
  5. Where can I buy the AHA cream that you guys are talking about? WHich creams specifically do you suggest? Thanks
  6. I've been using a Neutrogena cream with AHA in it. It also provides SPF 15. LINK While I like the product, I hate the greasy feel it leaves. I assume it is caused by the SPF 15. I'm almost out of it now, and have to decide whether go buy another bottle of it WITH the SPF 15, or buy the regular kind WITHOUT the SPF 15 in hopes of avoiding the greasy feel. What would you suggest? If I go without the SPF in the lotion, should I also buy a seperate tube of suntan lotion? Is it that important?
  7. For $55 I'd let someone else try it first
  8. no toners have no alcohol and have vitamins/green tea etc. Astringents have alcohol in them and usually contain SA BP or GA ... one is for moisture and dry skin the other is to remove deak skin and get rid of pimples and blackheads. Thanks. I truly had no idea there was a difference. Good to know.
  9. Yep. Accutane is wonderful stuff. Congrats on the sucess.
  10. First, I want to say I really enjoy this board. I've been here for years, and always enjoy reading the new remedies people use to treat their redmarks. Personally, I haven't found the "holy grail" solution yet, but thanks to you all, I've never lost hope. I'm still of the opinion that time is the greatest healer; methods listed on the board are great way to expediate the process, but ultimately, these things take time. I want to share a few excerpts from the odd website I've come across ov
  11. Don't bother with the 98% stuff. Try Wal-Mart for the 100% FOE aloe vera. That's the only store that I've found it (in Edmonton). Gook luck!
  12. I found Fruit of the Earth 100% at Wal-Mart. Cheap too. Maybe $3 CAN, and it lasts forever.
  13. If the aqueous BP is Benzoyl peroxide, then that might not be the best for you right now. I'd go with a less harsh cream. Make sure you're mositurizing as needed as well.
  14. I'd really like to hear from anyone who's used this as well.