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  1. order from a British site, they'll ship to you probably. Or if you got the money for shipping from the US go for drugstore.com.
  2. yeah your life is like hell sometimes, mine has been too for the past 3 years. But it won't last forever. Just find some daily escape and some good friends, and motivate yourself to find a cure. Going into public is stressful for me, always watching through my periphial vision, suspicious of everyone who looks at me. I don't cry, but i get pretty pissed off at stupid people. Instead of being controlled by your rage, just try to laugh it off... Get sleep and stay healthy.
  3. all you need to do is use the purpose bar soap on your back, neck, and chest. I'm not joking. It alone clears up 90% of acne. While you're in the shower, just lather up the bar and spread it across your back. THen just let the water rinse it off. It is suprisingly effective, as long as you dont miss days. Give it a shot, you won't be sorry.
  4. how often should one use cleanser each day? Twice a day, or once a day and just rinse with water at night?
  5. please help me, my skin is a damn mess... whatever I use just makes my skin all red, bumpy, and wrinkly... Don't know why I have wrinkles forming when IM only 17. my skin is inflamed, I need to get it smooth. Currently I am on minocycline and using clearisil cleanser 1x a day. my skin is loose and wrinkly, and it sucks.