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  1. girls do go to guys sometimes, even if they're not that hot.. or at least I do. as long as you're polite and can carry on a good conversation, you're all good to go. a sense of humor helps as well... it may sound cliche, but it's true. if you have a good personality a girl will forget basically everything else. good luck
  2. A chain of amino acids makes a protein, I think (don't remember much from bio-chem). And protein never affected my acne so I don't think it contributes to it. Amino acids are supposed to be good for you anyway. Hope that helped
  3. It doesn't work for me that well. I have the tinted one, so that could be the reason. Do you have the regular one or the tinted one?
  4. I got one recently (3 actually but one is left) and the one that was left accidentally popped when I was washing my face. So now it's like a scabby thing and its disgusting... and school starts tomorrow. oh well
  5. mild acne is a pain in the ass to treat. at least if you have moderate acne, some dermatologists will prescribe accutane or another prescription.
  6. my recent breakout is stress related as well. the entire bottom of my face looks like someone took a red marker to it.
  7. I've used KlearAction because I didn't want to pay twice as much for Proactiv and I think it worked pretty well. I used it about a year ago and it kept me clear for a while but my skin is worse than ever now. I don't think it's worse because of KlearAction though.
  8. I'm definitely in the same boat, my acne has gotten worse since the end of school last year, and I got a major breakout a couple days ago. I go back on Thursday
  9. okay it popped when I was washing my face, and I was washing pretty gently. So now it's a little redder and it's still a bump. I've heard Visine (yes the eye drops) helps make it less red like it does to your eyes. Anyone know how to use it?