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  1. At Shoppers Drugmart you can get Cleanance K by Avene (at the derm counter). I think it has ~6% glycolic - not quite sure. It's ~$20 for a tube. Also contains lactic acid, salicylic acic, pumpkin seed oil (supposed to decrease oil production) and zinc....all of which is supposed to help acne/blackheads/marks. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and it has really brightened up my complexion. Avene also makes a gentle cleanser - i don't remember if it has glycolic acid in it or not. A
  2. Takes me 45min to get ready in the morning.... 30min to: - bathroom things, brush teeth, wash face, make hair presentable... - find out what the heck to wear and put it on - put on my EDM makeup + a touch of mascara and liner 15min to: - figure out what the heck to eat for breakfast and eat it - make tea - prepare a lunch for school - give the dog fresh water I like to sleep in as long as possible....to leave myself just enough time to get everything I need to done in the morning such that I
  3. I received my starter kit September of last year....and I still have plenty left! At least another half year's worth of foundation and probably several year's left of blush cuz you only need a tiny bit. Honestly a little goes a looooooong way w/ great coverage! Been using it every day. If you run out really fast, perhaps you are applying it more heavily than you really need to...
  4. - make sure you are using a shade that very closely matches your real skin colour - to take away the powdery-ness, you can get a spray bottle and lightly mist your face with water and then carefully pat it dry w/ a tissue
  5. Jason Natural Cosmetics - Natural Jojoba Shampoo & Conditioner!!!!! OMG!!! This stuff is so wonderful. It leaves my hair SOFT and SHINY!!! It's a bit more expensive than normal shampoos/conditioners you might find in a drug store/grocery store....but so worth it because you can really see the difference...
  6. Hi... I'm pretty small in the....uhh....boob department too... but when I started taking Bcomplex, for some reason they got bigger and have stayed bigger ever since.. I have no idea how that makes sense and certainly never heard of B vitamins helping out with that area... but who knows? perhaps if someone is deficient in certain vitamins, takin' 'em will help out...
  7. Maybelline full n' soft!!! IT ROCKS!!! Someone else here mentioned it to me and I bought it...about a year ago and loved it ever since....
  8. Yay! Short girl party!!! I'm 5"0.... I absolutely LOVE capris....it means I don't have to do hemming!
  9. Hello... I ended up buying the PF mineral wear powder after hearing so many raves.... but... I really hate it... (sorry Mandy!) I use everyday minerals (love it!) but I hate ordering things online so I really wanted the PF stuff to work for me. I find that compared to everyday minerals, PF mineral wear powder seems a lot heavier and more powdery. I don't like the finish at all and it didn't look natural on me. PF also has VERY FEW colours to choose from... most of them look very orange-y...
  10. LOL... The thing about hiding behind your glasses...it's too funny. Even though glasses are so small physically, I can kind of relate. In fact, when I first got glasses about 5 years ago, I remember it feeling like I was talking through a brink wall when I was wearing them. I used to actually lift them up to converse with someone so I could look 'em in the eye! When I first got glasses I didn't particularly like them... but these days, it's an entirely different story. I LOVE my glasses and
  11. ..lols.. I was just gonna say they're better for kissin' but someone already beat me to it!
  12. Today I received a surprise compliment from a random stranger and it completely made my day. I was just walking my pup through the neighbourhood, a convertible swishes by then stops at a stop sign waiting....then as I walk by, he looks over and says "I just wanted to say you look really beautiful." Completely unexpected. I mean, I've been feeling kinda 'blegh-looking' lately - hadn't bothered to dust on any makeup or comb my hair, was wearing an old paint-splotched tank-top and jogging pants.
  13. Yes.... it is possible to drive yourself to sickness by believing you have serious health problems... ...and.... it is also possible to make yourself better by believing you're better or believing in a therapy (this is known as the placebo effect)