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  1. Oh man, I really hope you get better. I had T in my left ear after my dentist filled a cavity in the top left side of my mouth. It drove me absolutely insane. I cried. But it's gone. Don't worry, you'll probally get better. -alisha
  2. I'm new. Excuse me if i'm doing something wrong. But I really don't know if i have something like icepick scars or just HUGE PORES.... I did a search but I couldn't find any pictures I could compare to. I'm kinda nervous that I'm doing something wrong... but here's my face (left and right) http://www.juxtap0sed.com/bpos1.jpg http://www.juxtap0sed.com/bpos2.jpg (bpos means big pores or scars?) Oh yeah, I started taking minocycline and differin three days ago... and I started the apple cider vi