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  1. ok, read my post again. I was talking about Vita-K gel-cream thing to help against red marks. nothing about bp in there ←
  3. this regimen dosent work...it actually makes most ppl acne worst
  4. sure if u have big zits all over ur face...the regimen helps...but it does nothin for the blackheads u get from the bp burning ur skin..
  5. i was wondering who had acne all thru high school like i did..i have perfect smooth soft skin in the 9th grade...and then about summer of that year..my face began to break out with horrible red pimples...i visited the dermatologist twice during my high school years...got differein and retin-a..neither 1 worked...i was so depressed in high school..i was a awesome athleth all my life and had to stop playing sports and everything...acne ruined my high school life in a way..but girls still were attr
  6. i no the feeling although im out of school i had acne from like the 10th grade until i stoped going to school...i never looked at ppl in the eye...and the sad thing was i am a super handsome but the acne messed it up a little bit...but all the girls in the school still found me attractive eventhought i had acne...u guys can handle if i did
  7. ive heard of some horrible side effects of accutane...im scared to take it
  8. well maybe bp works on white skin...but im filipino and jamaican and have peanut butter brown skin...and it made my acne horribley worse
  9. well i cant find the site or article that i read it in ...but on a the pro-activ infamerical they said benzoly perixode makes ur acne worse...ive read plenty os message boards when ppl say bp has burned their skin and made their acne worse..and most of all ive used bp in the past and it made acne worse...bp burns pimples causing blackheads...maybe bp dosent different things for different type skin
  10. i just wanted to let everybody no that if u have a pimple or 2 benzoly peroxide may be okay...but if u can acne all over ur face...benzoly peroxide only makes it worst...studies show this...so i suggest not useing bp and going to the dermatologist
  11. ive said it time and time again...benzoly perxiode DOES NOT WORK..it drys out ur skin and makes ur acne worst....the best thing to do is to go to the dermatologist
  12. right on the nose because u look funny..and ppl can even see it from a distance
  13. well i had acne...but i went to the dermatologist and got 4 perscriptions...some pills, TAZORAC, CLINDAGEL, AND BENOZYL PERXIODE WASH...they did wonders for my skin...but the perscriptions are gettin way to expensive to keep getting filled...i was wondering if anybody no a generic brand for clindagel thats cheaper