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  1. It's dry because you're washing it, same thing happens to me, if you go out in public need to use face lotion. About not washing your face hard enough making it produce oil. Nothing you can do with water to stop oil produce, I too have oilly skin, when I go out into public for long hours of time, sometimes I head to a bathroom and wipe off my nose with a paper towel. Are you doing the cleanse, Bp, lotion steps? Do you have Acne or just dry skin problems?
  2. Very Interesting I have the exactly same problem.... outer cheeks and lower chins, it's like an acne blemish that never gets a head and then leaves a scar right?
  3. Some q tips which when you snap them sacraylic acids flows into the other ends and you spot treat pimples using this. I added some of this to my two pimples after doing the reguime ( 3 hours ago). Guessing this is just crap.... I'll let you know or you can guess at the results... I always see Revolution saying SA and BP is a bad mix ? Why is that ?
  4. Always goes like this for me - Sunday break out - week clear it up - Sunday break out.... I think it has to do with how fucking hot my house is ppl seem to not like AC here so i think it bakes pimples on my face and they clear while at school and the process goes on and on... I was reading humidity and sweating promotes breakouts ...... /sigh
  5. Recently I've been putting vasaline on the skin under my eyes to counter my dryness from abusing BP awhile back. Interestingly enough, I wake up today with a little red pimple under each eye. Kinda funny not noticeable or anything or sore like a cyst just wondering if it's normal to get pimples there or was this a result of the vasaline. Any thoughts?
  6. I make signs in the bathroom on notecards. saying like NO and It makes it worse. Kinda helps but all in all it's willpower.
  7. 17 yr old here, oily skin.... I use probably more BP than Dan did in his video 3 times a day, im very set in my timing I do not have outrageous Acne, but where I live having a converstation with pimples on your face is distracting. What's my problem ? Do i have unrealistic goals for my age/skin type?
  8. "Anyway, I'm not too worried about the cancer thing. I too would rather I have clear skin, even though that would mean a very slim chance of getting cancer. And besides, if the cancer risk is really that serious, wouldnt you think that the info would be more widespread. I mean, doctors and dermatologists are still prescribing BP, if there was a risk of cancer, they wouldnt be recommending it so much. And also BP is available all over the counter as products that are all health approved." I tend
  9. what the fuck....... i've been smearing my face with cancer for years ???
  10. I make my acne worse by picking I put up signs but doesn't help =/