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  1. Did a search and looks like she hasn't been around in awhile so i'm guessing she doesn't sell anymore : / Anyway excited to get some samples from Meow cosmetics and Everyday Minerals
  2. Hey all I haven't been on in like years but there used to be a member (veggie girl) that made mineral makeup does anyone know if it's still available anywhere? I know it's a long shot but figured it was worth a try..Thanks!
  3. Are u setting the Dermablend with powder? If not then i'd definatley look into a translucent powder to absorb the shine. Oil blotting sheets are also a really good rec As a former user of Dermablend all I can say is make sure the color is an exact match to your skin and use VERY little. Perhaps mixing with a small about of moisturizer to sheer it out would help with it appearing more natural...good luck to you!
  4. spottydotty

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    yay for makeup
  5. Okay so it's expensive...But right now i'm really loving Prescriptives (I had them custom blend me a shade with the coverage I wanted and all that) It's PERFECT.
  6. I used MAC for pretty much a year straight and no gray skin here.........
  7. I love the select cover-up and blot powder! But i agree the potted concealer is abit too thick but gives really good opaque full coverage...but i prefer the liquid as well. Glad you found something that works!
  8. I just bought BE last weekend and am really liking it so far (I remember trying it awhile back) and the coverage is actually better than I remember so that's nice and so far no new breakouts (But I will admit most of my breakouts are from excessive facial hair-gross I know I hate having PCOS) The BE in combination with that new Stridex dual face pads/bp (i'm not using the bp really though...) has been keeping my skin pretty decent
  9. I've been using MAC foundations for over a year now and I think I've tried just about all of them lol. I've used their Studio Stick foundation, Hyper Real, Studio Fix, Studio Fix Fluid, Studio Tech, Mineralize Satinfinish, Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Blot powder........And the only one that gave me any problems was the Hyper Real (I believe it had silicone in it and little pearlescent flecks). I definatley agree MAC doesn't work for everyone, but if you want to try it just go to the counter a
  10. I'm not sure if you'd want to put any topicals on before using the tanner, it could result in streaking/blotchiness. And make sure you exfoliate/moisturize first....even with doing all that using the Sally Hansen Airbrush for the face I wound up with a HUGE orange blob on the side of my face
  11. MAC's prep and prime was nice but did break me out a little bit. I'd say go with a water based primer like Lorac's or I believe the new Smashbox Light primer you mentioned is water based as well.
  12. I used there camoflage cream that comes in the little jar (and oh yes, it did come with a mini spatula!) for awhile back when i had more moderate acne. It was alright I suppose. It does cover EXTREMELY well but does look very fake if you use too much or all over as it is very opaque full coverage. I'm not sure how it'd work with minerals seeing as how i never tried but I don't see why you couldn't? However, because of the texture/finish differences I'd really say you'd probably be better off wit
  13. lol thanks guys! I'm actually probably gonna grow the cut out though...eventually (if i can resist chopping it off). Yeah the first pic was after going to a MAC event and I had to use all my goodies <3
  14. New hair looks nice and your skin looks glowing :) x

  15. So I finally got my hair done and i'm super happy with how it turned out! And my skin's been behaving so that always puts one in a good mood Before: http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k108/yel...87/IM000436.jpg After: http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k108/yel...87/IM000454.jpg