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  1. I've been using H&S for years. I started to use Neutrogena VISIBLY CLEAR Daily Wash about a week ago. Is there something to help me with the redness and to heal the skin, over the counter or prescription?
  2. Recently I've had constant problems with pustules and inflammation in my hairline and around my lips. New pustules of various sizes are forming everyday and inflammation never goes away. Currently, I only wash these areas with cleanser once a day and use a moisturizer twice a day. I don't want to use BP on sensitive areas, especially lips. Can anyone recommend treatment? Any advise on foods, etc? Thanks.
  3. The best thing you can do is post pictures so that we can see what scars exactly you have.
  4. The thing and overwhelming majority of people won't bother fixing something that doesn't concern them personally. That's why when you see a famous person doing some kind of charity or sponsoring medical research, it's because they or their kids have or had the same problems. The thing is, nobody really wants to talk about (their) acne.
  5. I am thinking of using an electric shaver. Why don't more guys use it?
  6. 7 years, I am 26 now. Worst in autumn and winter 2005/06
  7. And those people that don't get acne don't do these things ... not.
  8. They prevented acne creation from extra testosterone? That's sounds like a medical breakthrough to me. Where is the paper?
  9. And the zits always appear in the same areas. They go away, often not leaving any noticeable trace, only to reappear in the future.
  10. god's guidance ... bollocks Eliminating sugar completely will make you sick, but eating a recommended amount of non-refined sugar (fruits, honey) is the right thing to do. But there is no secret someone stumbled upon.
  11. You are being attacked by acne bacteria all the time so a preventive measure is a good idea.