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  1. Could you tell me if your dad and mom had acne when they were your age? Neither my mom or my dad did. My mom claims to have had acne pretty bad (at least some cysts) when she was in her teens, I don't think my dad ever had it, but neither of them had at my age. Also, how old are you right now, how severe is your acne, and how long have you had it? I'm 25, almost 26 ( ), I've had acne since I was about 14-15, but I used to get more postulesu and small cysts, not I have alot more whiteheads an
  2. Memorium

    No makeup

    How bad is it?
  3. I turned 25 this weekend... and today my face is more hideous than it's been in years. I acctually thought I was clearing up, my skin has looked pretty nice all month, but then these last couple of days...My hormones are messing up my face, my forehead is litterally covered in pimples, I can't recall when my skin was this bad the last time... I'm totally depressed. I'm ashamed to go to work, but who cares, I still have to. Going outside without makeup is definately not an option, but then, when
  4. BP doesn't work that well on me, I get really dry. I don't think my skin could tolerate both bp and differin, and bp or differin alone doesn't have enough effect on me. Maybe it could work if I started using it gradually. I think I'm going to stop the klindamycin for a little while and see what happens, and if my skin gets worse I'll go back on it again.
  5. So, I've been on this regimen for three months now.... And I'm not really sure what to do next. I'm not totally clear, my forehead is still a little bit bumpy, and I have some skincoloured bumps and some red bumps on the right side of my face. But its not bad, and I dont have any cysts, and I dont have any nodules. Last time I went to the derm it was obvious I had an acne problem, I had several spots and a big lump on my chin, but now I'm not sure how visible these bumps are. If I go outside, I
  6. I think she may be right... I know alot of people who stopped taking the pill and then got huge breakouts a couple of months later... some of these never had acne-problems before. When I got off the pill, I started breaking out about 4 months after stopping. You say you were on Diane because of hormonal reasons, do you have PCO or PCO-S? Because that can cause acne.
  7. I think Q-tips are the best... If you use a brush you'll have bacteria growing in it pretty soon if you don't wash it every time you've used it. On your fingers you almost always have some bacteria stuck under your fingernails and some grease on your skin.
  8. I wish I could say that I don't feel bad about it, but I do, because it would be great to be able to leave the house and just go to work without having to do *anything* to my skin. Usually, I don't feel crappy about using it, after all I'm using so much less now than I did a couple of years ago... But I do feel crappy about the fact that I've put on makeup about *every single day the last nine or so years* and bought concealers and foundations for so much money over the years, when some people
  9. LOL, Great tip... My forehead would be like one huge beautymark..
  10. These are european products, don't know if you guys know about them all, but... Everyday I use: -Biotherm concealer -Max Factor Masterpiece mascara -Isadora tan powder -Blush from Makeupstore -Revlon Lip gloss I dont wear foundation every day, but when I do use it I use Dior diorlight foundation.
  11. Peanuts cause me to break out big time, especially around my mouth, so I already stay away from them... and peanut butter I don't even like. Hasn't cleared me tho, so I doubt they're the only reason I get spots.
  12. You really shouldn't take tetralysal with roaccutane, it can cause a pseudotumor in the brain. Either use only tane or use only tetralysal with a local treatment.
  13. The cream is definately less irritating than the gel. My skin was flaking when I used the gel, even though I moisturized. With the cream I don't even use a moisturizer. If you think the gel is too drying, ask for the cream. I've only used differin along with different antibiotics and on it's own... I don't remember exactly when I started to clear when I was on differin combined with antibiotic pills, but it was definately later than week two, more like week four, and I wasn't completely clear
  14. I totally forgot to update this log... I guess I'm at week 10 or 11 or so now... My regimen is doing ok, the breakout I was having is gone, I'm a bit clearer, but I'm not as clear as I was when I was on tetralysal. I don't have any cysts or anything now, but I have a few small bumps on my forehead, and some on my chin, and I have a couple of red marks. It's not bad, but I'm not at the point where I'd willingly leave the house completely without makeup yet. Still, its better than it used to be.