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  1. I been on Mino 50mg and Retin A 0.025 for 8 weeks and im still breaking out. one word whackkkkk my acne is too mild for accutane, so i'll probably never get it
  2. I'm on my 8th or 9th week now and i often get dry skin but it goes away after i either use a scrub or a mask. So i recommended it 2-3 times a week.
  3. bp during the day differin during the night
  4. i been on retin a for 7 weeks now and the breakouts dont stop there, i may be unlucky.
  5. awesome improvement! happy for u!
  6. Im on mino 50mg twice a day and retin A(not micro) every night, and my face gets really flaky, so i use NuSkins Glacial Marine Mud Pack, its awesome, way better than queen helens mint julep mask. reviews are awesome too, check them out on makeupalley.com. http://productsales.mynuskin.com and look up glacial marine mud if ur interested.
  7. Well, i was prescribed Retin A, since differin is no longer covered by my health insurance, i asked for retin a micro, that wasnt covered either so im stuck with retin a 0.025, anyway, my question is i been using it for the past 2-3 days now durring nights, and i been peeling, and shedding skin...since i have to keep using it for a long time, doesnt it mean, that i'll keep continuing to peel and shed as long as im on retin a? since it changes the cycle of skin turnover from like 30 days to 5-6
  8. Isotretinoin is accutane, do you mean Isotretinoin topical also?
  9. I noticed little hairs growing on my forehead and cheeks, OMG, WHY? does this mean i have to get a wax or watever? Anyone had this happen to them also?
  10. wow nice progress, however can it be that ur breaking out cuz ur off mino?
  11. more information please. i drink alot of soy milk (i get it for free) cause im lactose and its a good source of calcium? and it tastes good, especially vanilla soy milk
  12. I was prescribed 2x 50mg a day of minocyclin. So far my regimen is Wash with hibiclens twice a day. Apply Nuskin celltrex. Apply Nuskin skin enhancer gel. repeat at night. i been on mino for 3 days now, and im breakout out in 2 places where i usually dont breakout.... how fast did it come for you guys?
  13. Enox


    haha, not to burst anyones hopes, but im korean, and i eat kimchi with almost every meal at home, tho i still get acne. tho it is healthy. people say sars infected chinese people and not koreans is because koreans eat kimchi and chinese dont, haha, oh well.