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  1. Not good today. I have spent a lot of money on products for my acne these past few years and don't get me wrong, they have helped out a lot but I still suffer from little bumps all over my face, which look especially horrid in certain lighting. They also make my complexion look dull and old. I'm so tired of applying creams every morning and night, I'm so tired of dealing with dry flaky skin, I'm so tired of having to spend so much money on face products, I'm so tired of feeling down because of i
  2. Hello Amanda! Hello Willow! Hellooo everyone! It has officially been a year since I started my Long-Distance FR regimen! So naturally I thought of this thread and felt like I owe an update, sorry for slacking off with the posting but I definitely haven't dropped out yet! To begin, my regimen has changed A LOT throughout the year but the BOTTOM LINE is my face is looking a lot better however I cannot say I'm 100% clear of acne. Although the regimen was helping out tremendously at first, recentl
  3. oh wow, thanks Willow, had no idea! that's very messed up of them to charge $900 just for BPO and sulfur, like I said in my last post, GLAD I found FR first! How's your skin doing btw?
  4. Wow, I think we have a trend here! I recently found some clips on youtube called TheAcnePractice, and they are clips by a clinic similar to FR except they are located in New York. I visited the website, which is www.theacnepractice.com and I have to admit it sounds pretty promising except it costs A LOT more than FR, one 6 week intensive program costs $900+! Now I don't want to judge their program but I gotta say I'm so glad I found FR first, well just thought this was pretty interesting
  5. hey!! Glad you're still here and I know the breakouts suck but you will make it through and they WILL go away so hang in there! I'm feeling much better from the time I wrote my last post so if I can do it, you can do it too! I see that you also have the acne-med w/ sulphur and fishsmart capsules on your routine list, how well do those work? Kim recommended them to me but I want to know what you think of them. And hang in there!
  6. HEY! Sorry for the long absence but I am still here and still under FR's care! I had some trouble with skin redness and dryness for a few weeks so I had to go through this whole other routine, nothing big, Kim just had me use my products a little differently. This week, Kim finally directed me to use the 5%bp instead of my usual 2.5% and my skin is definitely getting more and more dry. My face is overall a lot better than when I first started the regime but I am still getting breakouts though
  7. me too willow! I'm envious! I would love to get a facial from FR but I'm all the way on the other coast *sigh* Hi guys! sorry for the disappearance, been very busy with school work (btw I don't know if I mentioned it but I'm still a college sophomore!) BUT, despite the workload I have been following the FR regime and so far so good! I haven't had much problems except a little bit of itching, which I reported to Kim, and she told me not to worry about it and just use the cranberry cream for moi
  8. Wow, I just woke up and it seems my breakouts are in full blown, not good...but I'm suppose to break out first??
  9. well they gave me acne med 5% but since I informed them that I've been using Dan Kern's 2.5% BP, Kim wanted me to continue using it for the first two weeks at night. Wait, so after 2.5 months, you had to reorder everything??
  10. Oh WOW do I feel stupid or what LOL, I thought I was suppose to rub the styrofoam cup on my face because the direct contact w/ the ice is too cold for me. These days I've been actually using a bottle of frozen poland spring. Ladies! I finally received my products today! I used the face wash tonight, wonderful, I love how well it lathers up! But the spf on the other hand is so...small no? I don't know how that will last me 3 months...or is it possible? Then I used the toner, very refreshing. Th
  11. hmm ok i see, i shall learn to love this spf then, btw do u use a dixiecup or styrofoam cup to ice your inflamed breakouts? how does that work? i've been using a ziplock bag b/c the styrofoam cup is too thick for the coldness to reach my face edit: hey you guys are right, Kim told me that it is essential that I use the spf everyday b/c it's my only form of moisturization
  12. Oh, what's Finacea? I just got the instructions on how to use the products today, turns out they do not want me to use the AcneMed or the cranberry cream yet. I informed them earlier on that I have been using Dan Kern's BP and so they want me to keep using that at night.
  13. Hey Willow! I finally got my 'diagnosis'! Turns out, I have mostly non-inflamed acne and here are the products they will be starting me with: Silica Scrub 8 oz Salicylic Toner 8 oz Mandelic 8% 1 oz SPF for Acne Prone Skin 2 oz Acne Med 5% 1 oz Cranberry Cream 1 oz
  14. Oh gooood, I thought I was the only weird one not feeling anything with the serums lol. I called Patrick with the results today, and it has been decided that I have mostly non-inflamed acne, and it will take at least 3 months to clear it up. And look what I got recommended! Silica Scrub 8 oz Salicylic Toner 8 oz Mandelic 8% 1 oz SPF for Acne Prone Skin 2 oz Acne Med 5% 1 oz Cranberry Cream 1 oz Oh boy oh boy that's a lot of stuff! Also, I was on my way to signing the Long Distance Client Agre
  15. I got my serum test kit today (finally!), and I tested them all and i didn't feel any tinglyness to any of them, is that normal? Also, side note, I found it weird that they asked us to test serum A,B,C on our whole face leaving no space for serum E, but I managed to squeeze it in the middle of my forehead and down my nose lol. How were your reactions to these serums?
  16. hey there, just wanted to drop in and let u know u're not the only one. it is super inconvenient to have acne in college considering all the temptations of staying up late, eating junk food and all that bad stuff...sigh...and I can't even apply my pimple medications without my roommate looking at me like some psycho grrr..
  17. HI! I'm sooo excited to see another long distance FR client here! I just recently signed up and still haven't received my serum test kit yet due to some delivery problems, but it's such a comfort to know I'm not the only one that doesn't live in CA, I'm aaallllllll the way in New York on the other side of the country!! and hi willow!
  18. OKAY, so I finally called FR a week ago and to my disappointment I still haven't received my serum test kit I called Patrick a couple of times and he said he doesn't understand why I still haven't gotten it and so they sent me a second kit. I don't know what's going on and even though the delay is upsetting me I'm glad Patrick is at least trying to work through with me, hopefully I can start my treatment soon *sigh* I guess this is one of the disadvantages of being a long distance client.
  19. Hi there, I love your blog and the effort you put into it, you've been updating it since 2006 wow! I recently discovered the face reality website and I am considering the long distance treatment (I live all the way in New York :/), and I was just wondering if you can briefly tell me how happy you are with the results you have gotten from them so far. What was your acne like before you went into the FR clinic and after? I called their long distance number and they were very informative, but I gue
  20. HEY! me too! I've been using dan's regime for over a year now and it works grreeaat, BUT yes, my face does always look flushed. It never really bothered me since I'd much rather have a flushed face than one with lotsa pimples, but once in awhile I'd always get a comment or two about my flushed look. My neighbor who's works in a facial salon has even tried to sell me a cream thinking I was having some kind of allergic reaction to something. A couple of my friends have mentioned my redness asking
  21. Oh YEAH, stress DEFINITELY plays a big part in my flare ups too. It's pretty evident. During summer when there was no school, I was doing SO well with the normal BP and moisturizer routine. I was eating well, and sleeping well. THEN school hit again, and gradually I saw my acne get worst. I'm in my senior year of high school and my schedule is packed, I work afterschool, and there's just NEVER enough time to finish all my homeworks (plus study and fill out college applications). I rarely get a
  22. Let me tell you something very odd, yet wonderful. This was waaay back then when my acne was much worst than what I have today, they were horrible and embarassing. Red dots on cheeks, forehead, chin, but I always tried my best not to let them bother me, even though sometimes it really did. Then, one day I was told something really, really surprising. This guy named *John (I'm not giving out his real name) told my friend that he liked me. I was reaaaally surprised because I really doubted any guy
  23. and by old I don't mean that I'm getting wrinkles or anything, nor is my skin flaking, but overall it just looks kinda rough and tired looking. I also notice my red marks take longer to heal when I apply BP over it (which is something I try to avoid now). I don't wanna say it but I have to say that somedays, I get kind of tired of BP. It sort of puts me through this 'somewhat clear-breakout-somewhat cleared again- breakout again cycle. Anyone else feel the same? I use to put a lot of BP on my