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  1. I just passed the 4 wk mark of using Cetaphil, Benzaclin, Tetracycline and the "tape method" and today, for the first time in a year i actually considered leaving the house with no makeup on b/c i would have looked fine (i ultimately decided to put on makeup b/c now i feel so naked w/o it. #-o !!! I only have one small zit right now and my red marks have faded RAPIDLY since i added the tape method about 6 days ago. The Tetracycline has cleared up my back completely and my face went from severe/
  2. I do that exact same thing. I would give almost anything for perfect, airbrushed looking skin!!! People w/perfect skin are so incredibly lucky and they dont even realize it.!!!! ](*,) My face has drastically improved after i started using Benzaclin and tetracycline but it's still not up to my "standards".
  3. I've been using benzaclin for about a week and i have not experienced redness or peeling- and i'm using a pretty thin layer. It seems to be working pretty well. This stuff is already pretty powerful, i dont think you'll need to lay it on heavy. Try backing off a little and i think it'll get better. Just use a thin layer- less than you would use on other prescriptions. Good luck!
  4. yeah, it didn't work all to well for me either. I still kept getting more pimples. AND i was fooled into thinking that i had dry, sensitive skin but once i got off the regimen and onto prescription stuff, i realized that i have oily skin b/c the stuff i'm using now, Benzaclin, is supposed to really make you have dry skin but my skin isn't dry at all when i use it, and if i had "dry sensitive skin" then it would probably be flaking and peeling. ANyway, If this isn't working for you- and it's been
  5. Hey- i went to my first Dermatologist appointment today and she prescribed me Tetracycline and Benzaclin. How effective have those been for you guys? Is there any initial breakout? I've been reading past posts and i've heard mixed responds. I really want to know what to expect- has anyone been on these two at the same time? (or even seperately) I have pretty mild acne- no cysts. What do you guys think about this?
  6. Hey! As dan suggested, i would lower the amount of bp you are using until your face starts to get less irritated. You should start of slowly and then work your way up to lots of bp. When i first started the regimen-i used way too much and my face turned red and started peeling. But it got better after i lowered the dose and moisturized a lot. Just take it slow until your face is ready. Good luck! keep us updated!
  7. Alright- as of now- i have NO active zits on my face!!!! i probably just jinxed it. ](*,) Anyway- i'm just so happy to run my hand over my forhead and not feel any huge painful bumps! I confess- today i did pop a zit but i was desperate and now it's flat- which i can handle. I have a formal/dance thing tomorrow for the end of school/ graduation and my face might actually look good- with a heap of makeup on top of it- Anyway- i still have 6 days until my trip, which is my ULTIMATE goal- a face
  8. Okay, sorry i skipped a day of update- haha, if anyone even reads this or cares, Anyway, It's like, day 20 of dan's regimen overall and the hot towel thing is really helping!!! The three active zits i had on thursday are totally healing and almost gone- and now i only have one little zit. My face is really looking better acne wise- although i still have tons of redmarks. I'm really excited for my derm apointment on Wednesday because hopefully she will give me something that will work on the lo
  9. Thank you so much for this post! This is awesome! I can't wait to try the potato thing. I'm already using honey and it really does work- so i'm excited to try other natural things. Thanks, i think we all really appreciate this post =D>
  10. Update- okay, it's day two (about day 16 of dan's regimen overall) and i came home from school today with only 2 active pimples compared to three i had when i left for school this morning!! This morning i did the hot towel thing and loaded some bp on my face. I just got home and i did the hot towel again and more bp and hopefully i can get another one to go away tonight! on monday i have this end of the year formal thing and so i'm hoping to get my face looking better for that. I still have tons
  11. I recommend using the bandaid. I have experienced how honey draws out pimples as well so if you want to effectively spot treat, a bandaid will keep the honey in place. I did this one night and i woke up with a zit almost completely gone- it was so great! You can experiment but i have found that a bandaid works best.
  12. Wow- i heated up a wet washcloth and set it on my face (namely my forehead) and not only did it feel GREAT but it also brought some color to my face (yeah, yeah, it's only temporary but i've been very pale lately so it's nice) and then when my skin was still kind of "damp/soft" i rubbed in a bunch of bp (neutrogena on the spot) and i could feel it seeping into my skin- it kinda tingled but hopefully that meant it was working? or being soaked up? it felt different than ever before and already m
  13. Green eyes- i like how you said that "under the wrath of them" I too am still dealing with the results- zits, redmarks, oh....sooo many redmarks. i'm sorry this happened to you too. ugh- i'm never buying anything from clinique again. it now seems like they're in it just to make money- they dont really care about what their products do as long as they make money.