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  1. I had severe acne around 8 years ago and went on accutane that cleared it all up apart from the odd pimple/red mark on my chest but over the past year or so it's starting to evolve into more of a problem as i have 11 or 12 active spots on my chest with 2 or 3 boils, it never clears up and is always in the same area directly in the middle of my chest, there starting I scar now and it looks a mess. Iv been to the doctors who just said "I'm a healthy man and shouldn't be worried about it" he didn't
  2. im just rubbing it all over my face
  3. i have been using bio oil for around 3 weeks now,putting it on 3 times a day on my face, i have broke out slightly but not that bad, not enough to justify me stop using it as i aint had any acne since i finished on accutane so 1 or 2 tiny spots dont bother me. I must say the stuff is great, i have a scar on my eyebrow that was pretty deep as i had to have my eyebrow glued back together, and now unless i get really close to the light im struggling to find the scar to put the bio oil on, it is ver
  4. Do you use it sparingly or plaster it on?
  5. i just ordered some for the mild marks left on my face chest after all my acne has cleared up, my question is how do i use it e.g do i cleanse first etc and how often do i use it?
  6. all my acne has been clear now for around 2 years after accutane but i have a very deep visible rash on my chest that has been left from all the acne, is there any products i can buy in the UK to speed up the fading of this rash as the rate it is fading now im going to have it when im collecting my pension
  7. by solid i didnt mean it in that sense i meant i couldnt squeese anything out of it. is there anything i can do to get rid of it?
  8. i have had it for about 4 years its not really noticable but i have always wondered what it is, its about the size of a small spot i did try years ago to squeese it but it seemed to be a solid lump, it gets very itchy some days anyone got any ideas?
  9. Not quite true; I believe there are many people that have had trouble. HOWEVER, I also believe that many people are using it in the wrong way. I'm very skeptical about doing a loading and maintenance phase, as when you are loading you are REALLY putting a lot of that stuff in your body. Also, it's supposed to be used in month-long cycles, with at least another month afterwards without using it. Basically, just use common sense and don't go crazy with it and I doubt you'll have any problems. Kee
  10. my mate was on accutane years ago id say about 8 years ago and he had the worst acne i have ever seen in my life and his went and never came back, he has skin that resembles a burns victim though
  11. if i put on my bp gel then apply mositurisor when it has soaked in and dried will the bp still work?
  12. i tried applying some benzol peroxide gel last nite and it seems to have dried out all the spots aswell as bleach my new bedding i forgot how easy it can do that
  13. it is no where near as bad, id say i have about 10 or 11 spots none of them are deep they usually go after about a day but more appear, should i start thinking about going back to the derm or could it be the hot weather and me being stuck inside working with no fresh air?
  14. do you know any specific brands that i could get hold of easily in the uk? dont want to go into a shop and have to ask for alpha hydroxy acid might look a bit daft as im a guy
  15. i have been on accutane 80mg for 6 months around a year or so ago and iv only had the odd spot since then, but over the past few days im finding quite a few red spots only small ones they dont even form a head,there round my mouth area, anyone got any suggestions on what to use? im using sudacrem at the minuite because its the only thing i have to hand as i aint had any spots in ages.