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  1. Music helps me LOADS- I sing and dance at clubs and things at the weekend and i feel so much better afterwards. It's a bit shit when my skin is bad because I don't feel like getting up in front of loads of people- but i always feel so confident after- people notice me and look at me for my dancing and singing- not my skin. It's a great feeling
  2. I reckon I'm pretty lucky because my body seems to sleep REALLY deeply for a reletively shoert time. If I'm on holiday- not at college- I go to sleep at like midnight, and naturally wake up at around 8 in the morning..actually that makes sense because that's 8 hours Cool! My sister has to have like more than 12 hours naturally though, she's still at school and by the end of the week, it really makes her grumpy lol. I've never noticed that lack of sleep effects my skin though- parties d
  3. shit i hate it wen u discova t dark side 2 people.........
  4. key kenz-im luving ur picture of em! is he fit or what?! keep off him girl he'll b mine sumday............... and yeah dans regimen rules
  5. i agree with ur opinions kenzie. Goths are all induviduals so theyre obviously all different. There is OBVIOUSLY gonna be loads of really cool and nice goths out ther but we r talkin about personal experience of the average goth. oh wotever i cant be bothered to argue with people. lets just all be mates and support each other through the vile disese that is acne!!!!
  6. lol i mean air not oxygen-shit i should really do sum revision now!
  7. just stick at it-the redness fades pretty quick- my god its worth it tho. Its really exciting wen u first start the regimen coz its like -wow this really is the answer..if it works i mean! Good luck and im willing to bet that u will see godd improvement jst in the firs week-by the way u no a lot about oxygen- ive got a big science test tomorow and i should really no all that!
  8. lol i no doctors and derms can be sooooo shit its unbelievable! But they do often have tons of medical stuff to deal with and if theyve never suffered from acne themselves then you can kinda understand why they dont see wot the big deal is- i mean its not like spots are life threatenening or anything. Anyway, so wot if the regimens just a temporary fix its not like we have a lot of other choice. People talking out of their ass about diet and "inner toxins" and all that shit really annoy me so
  9. wot IS klaron iv neva ever heard of it- fill me in...
  10. yeah ive heard people say that the st ives stuff is really good too. The clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub works really well for me though. Its weird coz my skins always been so sensitive but the scruby things that youd think would realy hurt it actually do it the world of good. Im stuck in a bit of a rut now tho coz im left with a whole bunch of red marks which although they dont look tooo bad they definatly dont look good either. Ive been very patient and have been waiting for them to
  11. Ive been on minocyclin for the last few months but i came off it coz i thought that it wasnt workin and i was worried bout gettin t side effects .Hmm maybe i should carry on with it again then. How long did it take for you to see a significant improvement? Im not gonna go on accutane tho coz i wouldnt be able to carry on wit the regimen on my face and i DONT want to go through the initial breakout NO WAY! Thanks for your help people
  12. pointless post here- dunno how to delete it -sorry!