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  1. "I think ya'll hate when women are strong, opinionated and don't give a crap what some people think. I was one of the lucky ones that had a perfect childhood, was popular and always felt good about myself dispite my acne...... I'm sure that just KILLS people and would make them not like me just cuz I act and feel normal dispite what's going on, on my face." No, I just hate it when people are wilfully stupid and irritating. "also, I've always advocated that bad spelling and grammer on the inte
  2. Honestly, anti-depressants aren't that exciting. It doesn't mean your particularly crazy and lots of people take them. I, and a lot of my friends and family have needed them at one point or another. Don't see this as some kind of terrible blot on your record. It'll probably make you feel a lot better in a few months. Best o' luck.
  3. keep UR trap shut if your gonna be like that. its not nice to ignore other people's comments or act superior. UR? what are you, 12? It's YOUR. Like the extra half a second to type another two letters would kill you. Wow, I even spelled out the word two. anyway, I said I'm picky bitch, so I covered myself. Also, I still have my confidence, even with acne and being slightly overweight, which you and the poster obviously don't have yet. Sorry about YOUR luck! You sound rat
  4. Hi mate, if these spots have just appeared recently I would really recommend seeing your doctor about it. It's probably nothing, but any unusual bump or mark on your skin is definitely worth checking out. If they've always been there they're probably fine. As for them loking bad, you might be able to get them surgically removed, but then you'd have to check them with your doctor first. Basically, I think you should consider making an appointment with your GP as a first step. Best of luck, St
  5. You look like a happier, healthier Franz Kafka. On second thoughts, barely at all, I just a got a kinda Kafka vibe from you.
  6. My experience so far of Accutane has really exceeded all my expectations: The First 2 Weeks: I had no discernable IB, only 2 weeks of my usual cysts and pustules around the nose, mouth and chin - nothing worse than usual. What was there looked a little worse; it seemed as though the spots were a bit redder. My bacne remained the same for the first two weeks - lots of painful cysts on shoulders and upper back. Week 3 to Week 6 (now): My skin has been great since week 3. I had one, barely sig
  7. At a dosage that low, 7 years aren't as crazy as you would think. I've heard of people being put on low doses indefinitely before.
  8. Like I said above, I've got no problem with LMAO and ROTFL, I use them myself. It's just when people take the mickey out the way others speak, it's sometimes worth pointing out that the way we speak is pretty funny too.
  9. what wrong with LMAO. Should have I said ROTFL??????? Don't worry about it. I was pointing out that while "wit" sounds quite funny to you, LMAO, and ROTFL also sound funny to others. I wrote out "roll on the floor laughing" fully to emphasise the weirdness of this particular style of forum-speak. God doesn't sass-talk just flourish when you explain it.
  10. Oh I've only just finished my first month! I'm doing great at the mo, I'm pretty much clear (it flares up again every now and then but no where near as badly). The side effects so far are minimal, dry lips and nose, both fixable with vaseline. Most important of all for me is the confidence it's given me, even during the IB I felt so much better, knowing that I was on the road to recovery. It's just the feeling of actually doing something about your acne which is liberating.
  11. Meh, she like soooooo wasn't worth it anyway! :liar: Honestly, there's not much you can do to predict the way you're going to look tomorrow with acne, so if you ask me that makes it even more important to get out there and meet people and have fun and fall in love and all that stuff that young people are supposed to do, just because all that can be so fleeting that it's somehow more precious. I would never have said that before accutane though, bad skin can totally destroy your confidence, an
  12. lol I was takin the piss out of Keith's snobbish reply. I've got no problem with "Wit" or "LMAO" really, it's just when people start taking the mickey out of each other unecessarily that I feel the need to get all sarcastic. In short - 'twas irony my man. Anyway, about your post. Yeah I'm pretty sure a girl dumped me once because I suddenly broke out with very bad cysts all over my face just around the time I met all her family and friends for the first time. Nothing else had changed, so I'm a
  13. I was a very awkward looking 14 year old, and I had a few mates who liked to point it out. "Your head's massive"/"Your face is small"/" your chin's tiny"/ "your hair's crap"/"you've got no jaw" etc. They were still mates and that's about the sum total of all the nasty things they ever said, but you tend to remember that stuff. Still I'm feeling a bit more comfortable in my own skin thanks to being physically more mature. Adolescence is a difficult time. The good news is that a lot of the arrog
  14. I'm having a tough time deciding whether "LMAO" or "Wit my girlfriend" is lamer. Roll on the floor laughing.