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  1. Hi, this isnt exactly a question about the regimen but i would really appreciate anyones answers/suggestions. I am about 3 days from finishing my accutane script, and my face is perfectly clear. So I have become confident enough in myself to go overseas for 4 months or more next Feb. My question is will i break out in pimples again when I get to London? I have found that every trip i have ever taken whether it be to Bangkok, New Zealand or a small town or big city I HAVE BROKEN OUT... a
  2. Only 2 weeks to go!!!! my face has been completely clear for around a month now! NOT ONE pimple! The B5 is going well with it too. i havent used the neutrogena red spot thingy yet, im going to wait till i finish my prescription. Im also going to look into a and e vit's then as well.
  3. MONTH 4/DAY 1 I actually got the amount of time left on accutane wrong, I have 30 days left now. PROGRESS REPORT My skin is completely clear! No pimples! Only red marks! My sideaffects have been the worst this last month. My face gets unbelievably red, and on top of that, when I blush I go crimson red! People keep asking me if Im sunburnt, embarrassed etc! MY LIPS, Grrr are terrible. And under my nose is flacky although this is probably caused from the constent blowing of my n
  4. Well It's been 4 months! Only one more month to go! I am looking forward to it finishing but i also dont want it to, incase the acne prob comes back...
  5. MONTH 3/ DAY 27 Well, I'm over my last freek-out from that horrible break-out! All I now have to show for them are flat red patched that a quickly quickly going back to normal skin. Though right now my face is looking pretty blotchy. For a while there i was a bit depressed, but the girls at work really supported me. I feel really silly, making such a big deal over a break-out but for acne sufferer's thats life. Currently I have three teeny-weeny pimples. Quite a few red marks and
  6. i know, how much more does it hurt! Appearence wise i have had worse but you now how you start to forget what it was like or how bad it was so when you get only a few pimples you still think that you couldnt possibly look worse. Thanks for the encouragment. I deffinatly will hang in there. Despite my last breakout accutane has worked so well. I aint about to give it up How are your meds going?!?
  7. Thanks to your messages I wont! If it works it works if it doesnt then maybe i'll try something else. I think I was so worried because my skin had been doing really well for like 5 weeks with only a few tiny pimples here and there. And then all of a sudden BANG a breakout. How is the Accutane going for you so far? How have the Vit E's been for you, did you see a dramatic difference or did it take time? Did you find that you had an initial breakout at the start? It so funny my pill count seems
  8. Thanks! I think i was really discouraged that it wouldn't work, as two friends had been on it, but at the completion all their acne came back. i guess all i can do is wait and see. Wow I thought the same thing, everyone would think that at some time i guess, but in the end i have only ever read about ppl with positive turn outs! I know i shoudnt be complaining about the red marks, I mean in retrospect they arn't deep holes or even pin point scarring. I have had two or three red marks for like
  9. The same sort of thing happened when I was 10 years old. I had really light acne, and one day this boy came up and said 'Your pimples are ugly', i just looked at him and said well 'Your teeth make you look like a vampire'. I was 10! Another time when i was 14 a guy asked me if I had chicken pox.
  10. Thanks for that. And congratulations i hope it keeps improving!
  11. I was on Vit B for a year or so. My skin cleared up completely but then for reasons i cant remember i slowly stopped taking it. I think it was because my skin was breaking out again. I was thinking of going back on it, but I was wondering if anyone found that the affects wore off when they used it? Here is a user's review: From my research it shows B5 as the best to take for acne, but I have also seen B6 recommended as well. Should I be taking B5 or B6?
  12. Oh I have had a horrible last few days. On Wedneday these two huge pimples popped up in like a few hours, in the same spots where i had just gotten rid of pimples. They were cysty type pimples but then turned into huge w/h's. And then the next day two more cyst's came up (which hurt like hell) And another pimple on my cheek. I have been so depressed, I really thought that the breakouts were finished since all I have been getting is random pimples. It also makes me wonder what my s
  13. MONTH 3/ DAY 11 The cyst on my forhead has gone down. It's taking so damn long to heal tho'. Has anyone else found this on Accutane? It's that time of the month and i was expecting a break out, but it's been quite good, with only 2 or 3 pimples popping up. Although the red marks on my face seem to be more defined and I look all blotchy and yuk. Over the last week I have had a few pimples come up and go down, but there are still like 5 pimples that have just refused to heal! One day a p
  14. Tah, i always get mixed up with vit A and vit E!