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  1. LOL milk DOES NOT contain LOTs of antibiotics(btw...i know this as I am 3rd year in molecular biology biochemistry). Milk is loaded with bacteria and antibiotics are just in there in low concentrations(about 10 ng/mL)...1L milk=approximately 10^-6 g of antibiotic. Lets say, we were to drink 1000 L of milk....that is about as much as would be needed to have an effect
  2. oh btw DancingStar it took 3 mths for me to see results...good luck with it!
  3. the problem with those types of pharmacies is that you don't know the drug quality. If you just go to yourdoctor and get a prescription and then go to a rusted pharmacy, you know you are getting a pure and clean drug.
  4. yeah it works great(at least for me)...I hadso severe acne that if it failed the derm told me that I would have to take accutane. Now, I have great clear skin, due o the mincycline and clindamycin the derm prescribed me...I especially REALLY like the clindamycin
  5. 0.6pH means there is more than 0.1M free hydrogen ions...thats pretty damn strong as I know from chemistry work. If its buffered its effective strength is slightly higher
  6. no that wont happen...bp is just a drying agent.
  7. your skin usually does get tight/dry with bp...but thats a good thing meaning it is working
  8. I got a few for keloids(not acne, just acne scarring) and i am wondering how long the effects should take.
  9. actually, those nose strips will work, but they irritate and may cause acne in the process...they didnt work for me
  10. You can't get drugs shipped to Canada without a prescription...its illegal
  11. Ask your derm about clindamycin...its basically BP and an antibiotic....I am on minocin(a derivative of tetracycline ) and it has been working really well for me. For me, BP alone didn't do it(after all it is only a drying agent). I also experienced regular breakouts with low concentrations of BP...so mabye the 10% will help. As for my experience with minocin(very similar to tetracycline), it took a while for the breakouts to stop...keep with it, and always stick with your derm advice, they
  12. I know what you mean agent...even now that I'm cleared up, I still have a hard time facing people because of my acne in the past. I guess its all in the head
  13. Do you know whether it takes 5-6 months after cortisone to heal keloids also? I'm getting shots(for scars) on Sat.
  14. My derm said about 85%. Luckily, I got help from others because I hear the side effects are really bad.