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  1. Really, there's only one person that ever bullied me...but he did it repeatedly. What a dumbfuck, he's ugly as hell so he probably needs to compensate. But other than that, i guess people talked a hell of a lot behind my back, since I had it REALLY severe at an age where most people slowly start getting interested in the opposite sex. Never heard any of it, but I pretty certain they MUST have commented on it. Bad enough, it is!
  2. I bet if some of us had the 'chance' to stay on an island in the middle of the pacific for a couple of weeks, many would soon get a lot better....the sea water, the salt, the sun, the fresh air all day, untouched by even a little whiff of pollution. At least staying in Norway (where I'm actually from) cleared me up for the time I was staying there and it all came back when I went back to Germany. Maybe it's just that Germany sucks and being somewhere else makes me so happy that the acne just dis
  3. First of all, thank you so much for sharing this cool method. I've only done it for two days up til now, but I feel and look ten times better. I didn't really have any active acne apart from a little bump here and there sometimes, but all the red marks, well, I've had them all over my cheeks for more than a year now (though my skin was worse back then). Finally, I can notice a change and it _is_ a lot smoother and softer and the pores are tiny now. Thank you, delna!! I've noticed the same thing
  4. NYC, in your first post you used words which are exactly the same I have used to describe how I feel in the past...it is good in a way, to see that other people feel exactly the same, even if they don't let it show. But it also hurts, because I know how terrible it is and my heart goes out to you. I am a bit younger still, but I think the effects acne has on people don't differ that much, no matter what age. Someone to talk to is the most important thing...someone who really knows you well. Th
  5. My dad is the sweetest and most supportive person...he keeps reminding me of all the things that are special about me, he notices when I'm down about it, but I've never held back and always told him when I was down, so he would always cheer me up and give me confidence. I got it from his side of the family, but brother got it, too, but less severe. So my dad tells me I'm pretty in a way that makes me believe him, I'm grateful for that. My mum hasn't got any idea what it's like I think. I live
  6. Well, on the one hand, acne can, to some extent be covered up with make up, while being overweight is just about impossible to cover up. And yet...all of you here who have been fighting acne for some years maybe, just like I have, know that there is almost nothing they wouldn't do to simply have clear, unblemished, smooth and beautiful skin (certainly if the acne is very heavy, mine was a very bad moderate to severe I'd say)...all the energy, time, money and sanity that's been invested in getti