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  1. Oh I saw this today too! What a good episode!  smile.gif

    Yeah, that guy said that baby Asprin can reduce the inflamation of your skin if taken daily. I'm going to start taking it, but does anyone know what "baby Asprin" is?! Is it like a children's version or something?!

    its for adults but they call it baby aspirin..... eusa_doh.gif

  2. ok.. i know there is sooo many posts abiout accutane..but.. im thinking about getting it. my skin is mild.. but i get pretty bad breakouts once in a while and NOTHING works.. and i just wanna get rid of all this(obviously)sooo... from people who have taken accutane with mild acne... how long did it take to clear up, what dosage were you on, and what side efffects. and this is a dumb question.. but when ur on accutan is ur skin to dry for makeup..or is it best to just not wear makeup at all. ps...how much is tane for a months supply(canada). onemore when did u start noticing results..thanks....i really wanna get this but im just scared to.. and now summer is comming.. and i wont be able to go in the sun. grrrrrr i wish there was something else out there.......

  3. ok.. so i heard on oprah(no laffing) that if u take 2 baby aspirins a day, it would eventually clear up infections on your skin.. does anyone know anything about this... or is it another stupid thing to try.. just to see?? ps..w eusa_think.gif would it be unhealthy for u to take aspirin everyday even if it was baby strength??

  4. i think there is a link for somepeople. since the cause of everyone acne is different and blah blah. but i think if ur liver is affecting ur acne alcohol definitely will make u break out. i know that when i drink i get a breakout a couple days later...sometimes its really bad...especially one time when my skin was ssso clear, and i went drinking.. i woke up to a HORRIBLE breakout.. and i thought that i was finnaly getting immune to breakouts cuz i hadnt had one in 3 weeks... but then i hadnt drank for 3 weeks either..hhhmm.. it sucks.. but i dont wanna stop drinking!and i find that my zits are more noticable when i drink.. is it the alcohol affecting my vision.. or is it the alcohol affecting my skin.... wacko.gif

  5. phsicans formula has a mineral powder anyone tried it??? these are the ingerdients...Mineral Wearâ„¢


  6. when applying the benzyl(im using clean and clear persa 5) what do u do when u cant rub it in anymore but its still there, like it gets really tough to rub it in anymore, i dont want to irritate my skin, but is it bad to leave a thin layer ontop?? also, has anyone else tried the clean and clear 5%, and how did u like it?thnks