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  1. Hey, gorgeous! <3

  2. I am not a fan. I think he is in it for the wrong reasons. Ever look at his tags? He tags unrelated and random subjects and famous people to get more views--often they have nothing to do with his videos.
  3. Hey, just stopping by. Hope life is good :)

  4. on moth 4 of accutane going on to month 5 still breaking out, :( any advice ?

  5. Ur sooo purrrrdy <3

  6. I think in Russian, it is like a celebratory greeting. "Pozdravlayu" means "congratulations" or "we give you our blessings". Something along those lines ;)

  7. I don't remember now, but pozdrav is a word in Croatian-a greeting, like hello. :) Is it same in Russian?

  8. BIG SIS! I just listened to your voice recording again. Did you say 'pazdrav' by any chance when you were speaking Croatian?

  9. I don't use toners, but I was thinking today if I found a toner with at least spf 30 in it and other good ingredients, I would love to put some on a cotton pad and just swipe over my face instead of sunscreen--as long as it would leave my face feeling clean. I hate the feel of sunscreens. I don't think toners with spf exist though.
  10. Don't forget using cocoa powder as a nice bronzer.
  11. I don't have any experience with those two procedures by him, but I do have general Dr. Shah experience for another reason. His office is very busy and since he is gaining popularity quickly things are a bit disorganized at times. His follow ups are often too rushed as a result. He seems very honest and capable though. Just be aware of wait times (if you are traveling long distance). Now, I did ask him about my scars and he didn't have much to recommend because treatments are limited and m
  12. This looks interesting. I've heard good things about the under eye one from this same brand and I now want to try both.
  13. Just my personal experience, but I've had forehead bangs for years and it never caused a break out. I do break out on my cheeks though where I have no contact with hair.